Battle casualties – latest update from the thin blue line

The first casualties of war are rarely the generals and almost inevitably the foot soldiers.


So it is in the bitter and convoluted battle between the Whyte Knights and the Blue Knights.

For heavyweight, in-your-face spinmeisters Gordon (Jocky) Hay and Ian McKerron, the war may be truly over. As with so many of the Whyte victims they helped to traduce, they are now feeling the pain and ignominy of defeat. In fact they are feeling bruised; black and blue perhaps?

Already owed substantial fees from the Whyte era at Ibrox, they are now facing further financial disappointment. The personal pledge of their “billionaire” Motherwell born master is not worth the paper it’s not written on.

The former Fleet St. superstars, brought in by Whyte to add punch, poison and panache to the existing PR team at Ibrox, could soon be waving goodbye to an estimated £50k.

Such is the price of failure … or the cost of believing their own propaganda.

And just when you think things can’t get any worse … it often does. Leading Scottish law firm Levy & McRae is closely studying some of the more lurid allegations fed to the media concerning one of their clients, former Rangers Chief Executive Martin Bain.

Further litigation could revolve around a briefing given by Whyte’s hired gunfighters that Bain left Ibrox because of “financial irregularities”.

Their former master is unlikely to be forthcoming with any assistance, financial or otherwise.

There may be trouble ahead…

When I spoke Mr Hay, last summer when I was enquiring about his billionaire master he finished our call by saying:

“I don’t know what you are up to and that gives me a problem!”

Perhaps I should feel rather bad about giving Mr Hay, Mr McKerron and Mr Whyte ‘problems’, but funnily enough I don’t!

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