Game on.

In the digital media age the optics of a situation is everything.


So when Campbell Ogilvie did the draw for the semis of the Scottish cup it sent a message.

With the very serious allegations made against him by Hugh Adam the guy who drives the Scottish Football Association bus should have taken action.

He didn’t, and because of that, the SFA appears to me to be  compromised as an organisation on these  serious issues.

At this stage this situation requires action by Sports minister Shona Robison.

Given the nature of these allegations the Scottish Football association cannot, in my opinion, investigate itself.

The cosy relationship that the SFA has had with the Scottish media is no longer defence either as serious journalists based in London are now on the case.

I was called yesterday by an award winning television reporter who told me that he wanted to get to the bottom of “Rangersgate” and he has the considerable resources of his organisation at his disposable.

He shared with me the content of a “conversation” he had just had with an SFA “press officer” and it was, quite frankly, risible.

I sent the journalist several detailed emails with links to various pieces and some previously unpublished material of my own.

The latter being particularly explosive.

Everything has a cost and the Scottish press pack, by being  pals with the football establishment at Hampden and Ibrox, have made themselves largely irrelevant .

As I write this, the Scottish tabloids are illuminated by more moonbeams about a wonderful future for Rangers and how a new sugar daddy will soon kiss it better.

All of this is as evidence based as the churnalism that confidently stated that Mr Whyte was a “billionaire”  and that he would finance the club from his own wealth.

The big boys from London are now digging and they appear to have no problem engaging professionally with a diligent worker in Donegal.

Game on.

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