The invisible “owner”.

Imagine a democratic show of hands where there was an invisible man with millions of extra hands.

Get that and you have an idea of the voting dynamics at the Celtic AGM.

No need to be a barrack room psephologist to see that the assembled throng are fairly powerless.

This was only my second Celtic AGM so I can’t speak for all of them.

As with last year there was an important absence from the proceedings.

Dermot Desmond was missed today.

However, had he been at Celtic Park today most of us wouldn’t have missed him!

Matt McGlone put the best question from the floor; his arithmetic and his logic were unanswerable.

Why would a man worth £1.4billion and who calls the Celtic manager every week with advice and moral support not approve a soft loan of £20 million to help Neil Lennon?

The man behind the Alternative View didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

I know because I asked him when he sat back down beside me after leaving the microphone.

Dermot Desmond is the biggest shareholder at Celtic.

He has, in the past, underwritten share issues and provided soft loans for the club.

In recent years the club has declined and he has remained in the background.

At the AGM outgoing chairman John Reid, Chief Executive Peter Lawwell and manager Neil Lennon all said that Dermot Desmond was in weekly contact with them.

Reid said the bottom line was that Dermot Desmond was engaged and the club was lucky to have an owner (oops!) majority shareholder who had such a gra for the club.

Reid stumbled a few times referring to Dermot Desmond as the “owner” this faux pas drew a ripple of laughter from the crowd.

Inside the post AGM press conference  in the board room Hugh Keevins offered the word “ingratitude” to characterise the nature of the criticism of Desmond in a question to John Reid.

Did he hope that, given the ingratitude contained within the questions inside, that his warnings were taken on board?

It was a soft ball question and Tony Blair’s ex-fixer happily gobbled it up.

Reid re-stated his view that the Celtic supporters should be grateful to have such a benevolent major shareholder.

I do know that during the Dublin Supercup Dermot Desmond was at his home in the city.

I was in Dublin for the duration for that pre-season tourney and saw both Celtic games.

From the press box to the media centre to wherever my backstage pass took me  inside the AVIVA stadium I didn’t see him there.

This was HIS club in HIS city.

A  rare enough event.

Maybe he was there and I didn’t see him.

Maybe he really is invisible.

Yeah, that explains it.

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