The first rough draft of history.

We journalists are a competitive bunch for sure, but there is respect too.

Sometimes a piece comes along that, with hindsight, just stuns you when you gauge its courage and prescience.

In the age of the press release churnalist it is heartening to see one of my trade be bang on the money with a story.

Check the date.

Back in November…

Journalism is the first rough draft of history.

It’s just that some journalists have a better grasp of the historical moment than others.

It would be churlish of me not to acknowledge that.

It was also a brave piece.

It would have been easy to simply stay on the negativity bandwagon.

I was a doubter, a sceptic, perhaps blinded by my own club allegiance I failed to see the facts that were staring me in the face.

So I have to be big enough to admit that I got it wrong about the Whyte revolution.

Totally wrong.

Now with the transfer window closed there have been seven, yes SEVEN quality acquisitions.

Not only that, but a £9 million offer for Rangers’ star striker Nikica Jelavić ,was contemptuously rebuffed. Only a club in rude financial health would be able to refuse such an advance.

I am even hearing that a major sponsorship deal could also be in the offing.

Details are sketchy, I am only guessing (I certainly don’t have Keith Jackson’s excellent sources that’s for sure!), but perhaps a major business from one of the tiger economies of East Asia would be interested in the Rangers brand of Britishness, fair play and dignity?

Obviously I have no certainometer and I’m just hearing snippets, but the Rangers brand is rightly attracting corporate suitors.

Obviously with the club now on such a sound financial footing any minor cash flow difficulties won’t present any problem.

In fact with Mr. Whyte as owner it is almost as if Rangers are owned by a bank.

Indeed as Keith wrote in his piece of Mr.Whyte:

“…in charge of a vast business empire, his wealth is off the radar.”

I’m afraid that the Rangers’ city rivals will just have to get accustomed to this new economic reality in the Old Firm duel.

I should have seen that sooner.

I really should.

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