A minor misunderstanding.

Now where was I ? Ah yes. Rangers…  Scotland’s establishment club.

They have the most supporters in Scotland and a fortunate  history of having “Rangers men” in high places in the country’s football hierarchy.

So it’s rather awkward that the nation’s premier club and current SPL champions seem to be on their uppers.

Sheriff Officers at the door, bank account impeded.

One has to admit that, from a PR point of view, it does not look good for a major Scottish institution to be in such apparent financial difficulties over £2.8 million.

Why doesn’t the club simply pay this rather piffling amount?

I am confident that this trifling sum WILL be paid to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs very shortly.

It’s probably just an administrative oversight on the part of a junior employee at Rangers Football Club.

The money is there, of course.

No question of that none at all.

This has all been something of a misunderstanding.

No need for anyone to get anxious.

People should be calm.

Isn’t that right Archie?

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