Success in Europe for Rangers.

I have noticed in the past that Scottish sports journalists  sometimes can have faulty  hearing in Europe when Rangers play.With that in mind I arranged for my own “observer” at the Maribor game.

I was interested how the Rangers supporters would behave now that they are allowed to follow their team in Europe again after the one match ban.

I wanted a source at the game  that I could rely on.

My colleague works on a major Slovenian daily (  and has just informed me that the 200 or so Rangers fans at the Maribor game tonight were very well behaved.

This is to be congratulated and I, for one, hope that the Rangers supporters build on this success and establish a reputation in Europe that is respected.

He had a long drive to be at the game to do this job for me.

Subsequently, I am informed that I have to buy him “many pints” when he next visits Ireland.