Dressing for the Dail.

“Clothes maketh the man” said Mark Twain.It is true that you only get one chance to make a first impression and most people are impressionable.

However one would have thought that there are more pressing matters for Dail Eireann (a devolved assembly of the International Monetary Fund) to be concerned about than what Dail Deputies are wearing.


This state has been bankrupted to the point where we had to sell our sovereignty to outside unelected financial institutions.

The political class that is guilty of this treason are almost entirely male and you never see them in anything other than a sharp business suit.

Bankers like David Drumm, Michael Fingleton and Sean Fitzpatrick are also impeccably turned out chaps.

Charles Haughey, the Godfather of the Golden Circle, spent more on Charvet shirts from Paris than a working class family had to survive on for a year.

This article was written with me wearing a black T-shirt by Rohan, combats by Lerros and sandals I bought in Santiago last year from a street vendor after I had completed El Camino.

Vital information I’m sure you’ll readily concede…

If Dail Eireann wants to bring in address code then it should either sack cloth and ashes or clown outfits.

My grandparents and all of their kin in Mayo fought a superpower to a standstill to create an independent state on this island.

I’m glad they’re not around to see this fiasco.