Scottish journalism’s shame.

Facts are sacred and opinion is free.

CP Scott’s famous dictum about journalism still holds true.Because opinion is free does not mean, however, that opinion is worthless,both fact and opinion are necessary, especially when a society is going through a crisis.

Here is a  discussion about the Neil Lennon situation on RTE’s “Liveline” radio phone in. This is the flagship  show of its type in Ireland the show has hundreds of thousands of regular listeners.

My contribution comes in just after 07.30 playing time on this clip.

Consider this.

Would you hear those opinions and those facts on a Scottish radio show?

Part of the  failure of Scotland to deal with its anti-Catholic anti-Irish shame is the failure  of my trade to state the facts and allow the opinions.

If Scotland is finally to deal with its shame then my trade need to honestly frame the debate.

So far they have failed to do that and that is their shame.