Dallas to get top job in Croatian FA?

Disgraced former head of Referee Development at the SFA Hugh Dallas is about to be head hunted by Croatian FA.

Mr.Dallas is fully aware of this back channels development.

This would allow him to get a place on the prestigious FIFA Referee committee, something he covets.

He was making moves to get on this body when the email scandal broke in November.  Indeed the internal email containing the offensive “joke” about the Pope was entitled “FIFA nomination”.

His fall from grace in Scotland was not in the plan as he eyed a move onto the FIFA referring body.

The move onto the Croatian FA will allow him to get that ambition back on track.

I doubt the head of the Croatian FA will be too much bothered about the possibility of Mr Dallas having discriminatory attitudes per se as Mr. Vlatko Markovich has a few discriminatory attitudes himself.


However the Papacy is venerated in Croatia in a way that isn’t even found in Latin countries these days.

Moreover the fact that His Holiness Pope Benedict is German also endears him to the Croatians given the longstanding ties of friendship between the two countries.

Germany was the first country to recognise Croatia as an independent nation as the former Yugoslavia disaggregated.

Perhaps, like UEFA, they are not fully apprised of Mr.Dallas’ current employment status with the SFA and the circumstances around how he came to be de-recruited.

My sources tell me that Pierluigi Collina, now employed by the Ukrainian FA, has been helping to facilitate this move for his Scottish friend.

Dallas and his wife Jackie have been on vacation with the iconic Italian ex-whistler and his wife Gianna in the past.

Will the Croatian FA cool their ardour for Mr.Dallas once they know of the full details of the Pope email scandal?

Watch this space.