Hugh Dallas offered to call off strike if his case dropped!


Hugh Dallas and Stewart Regan had a blazing row on Monday at the SFA headquarters in Glasgow.

Hugh Dallas offered to call off the referees strike if his disciplinary hearing into the Pope email was called off.

On hearing this ultimatum an SFA insider said:

“Regan went ballistic!”

Regan’s exact words, overheard by many in the office were:

“How fucking dare you! Don’t ever raise that again! Those two matters are totally unrelated!”

Hugh Dallas will hear his fate at 17.00hrs today in Glasgow.

In total eight people will be the subject of disciplinary hearings today.

I have learned that the Scottish Football Association has a very clear IT policy.

The passing on this email is clearly considered by Mr.Regan to be a “breach of the organisation’s IT policy.”

In recent weeks several staff were reminded of this policy of forwarding on offensive emails.

It was established inside the SFA that receiving such an email and opening it was no offence.

However forwarding it on would be considered an offence punishable from anything from a reprimand to dismissal.

I have also learned that if any of the other seven staff are dismissed for passing on this email then Mr.Dallas will also be dismissed.