Summer glory beckons for Sevco

Sure, it wouldn’t be summer if there wasn’t the sound of a summer rebuild around the stadium that John Brown played for.

Last year, it was hugely exciting as the next batch of losers were lined up.

Do you remember the hubris from the Ibrox klanbase about Danilo and Sam Lammers?

Do you?

Twelve months ago, it was Mickey B and his endless circumlocutions.

Now, a new era begins with his replacement, the enigmatic Philippe, stepping into the summer spotlight.

The thing about the concise continental miss is that he definitely won’t keep to any pre-agreed script constructed in the Blue Room.

Quite simply, I’m told that he has made it known that if a journalist asks him a direct question, he will answer it.

Of course, the Sevco High Command are relaxed about this as there isn’t much chance that the usual succulent suspects in the Stenography Corps would dream of doing any of that journalism stuff.

In another part of the Fitba Multiverse where there be a genuine Fourth Estate, the Belgian might be asked to address the following interrogatives:

Has the club received an enquiry about Cyriel Dessers?

If so, is the proposed fee for the striker less than the club originally paid for him?

Has there also been interest in Rıdvan Yılmaz from a club in his home country?

Is the club preparing a recruitment strategy based mainly on loan deals and free transfers?

Is every player in the squad essentially up for sale?

Moreover, is the manager comfortable with this financial reality?

Has the ONE “marquee signing” of the summer, whose signing is hoped will assuage the supporters’ concerns, already been identified?

Dear reader, these are all very pertinent questions in the current circumstances.

The good news for the brethren in the Blue Room is that the chances of any of them being asked of dear Philippe are about as high as Sevco winning the league next season.

Still, as the featured image confidently predicts, the basket of assets will, once more, triumph in the coveted Close Season Cup.

17 thoughts on “Summer glory beckons for Sevco”

  1. “It was the winter of their discount tent”, I knew you were good but this is on a Shakespearian level!
    M. Nostrodamus yer times up

  2. Just read that James Bisgrove has walked. Maybe Sevco are going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory even in the Close-Season Cup.

    • They don’t, that was another club/company.
      The current ‘edition’ was formed in 2012 and it’s indisputable.

  3. Good to see Celtic finally catch Rangers…

    1 title, 1 Scottish Cup, 1 League Cup:
    Total 3

    53.5 title, 34 Scottish Cup, 28 League Cup, CWC 1, Bankruptcies 1.
    Total: 114.5

    54 title, 42 Scottish Cup, 21 League Cup, European Cup 1
    Total: 118

    …catch and surpass.

    Lest they forget.

  4. It’s been a great season for playing catch up as the fourth estate had us doin , well we’ve caught up and are about to leave them in our dust.What a summer we’re about to have .Thank you Glasgow Celtic & you Phil for keeping me up to speed with the ins & outs , much appreciated.HH

  5. ‘With heart in hand, and empty stands, we’ll guard old Derry’s walls’.
    I think you’ve got something there!

  6. Phil they always will win the close season Cup then some type of celebration to add to it there dignified manager do deluded that he ain’t got a clue and what a movie that was at hampden Park on Saturday


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