The lie of 55  

In a few short weeks, Sevco Scotland Ltd (who changed their name to The Rangers Football Club Ltd – Est 2012 ) will become SPFL Champions.

That they will be allowed to claim it has Rangers’ 55th title is a triumph of Orwellian proportions.

Moreover, it’s a  shameful abdication by those entrusted to hold power to account and protect the sporting integrity of Scottish football.

It also spits in the eye of 276 creditors who were stiffed in 2012.

The featured image of this piece is a famous front page from The Herald the day after the CVA was rejected by creditors.

“Rangers Football Club born 1872, died 2012” was a factually correct statement.

Moreover,  I have not seen anyone in an editorial position at that title state that it was published in error.

One staunchly succulent chap came up with the hilarious explanation that it was only the “engine room subsidiary” that had been liquidated and that the club was untouched.

Cryptologists are still working on what this actually means.

Perhaps it made sense in the original Klingon.

The truth is out there.

Now, the thing is if a Martian landed on Planet Fitba today they would have no idea that a club called Rangers really did die in 2012.

What follows is a deep dive into the details that the succulent shills in the Stenography Corps have collectively agreed to ignore.

Long read alert.

[Nota bene: My emphasis is in bold throughout.]


When the UEFA Ten Year Coefficient table was first published in March 2018 it was met with delighted growling from the Ibrox klanbase.

For them, it challenged the response to Celtic shareholders in 2016 by Andre Traverso Head of UEFA Club Licensing describing the applicant for a UEFA licence after events and decisions in 2012 as a new club/company.

The UEFA  Ten Year table has been updated since 2018 with changes including a change from “Rangers FC” to plain “Rangers”  as shown on the UEFA site but a record of the situation in 2018 can be seen at the reputable Bert Kassies site   HERE.

To the Ibrox klanbase in 2018, it meant only one thing – UEFA recognised the current version of Rangers as the same Rangers that are currently in the process of being liquidated i.e. one and the same club.

However, the more discerning readers will have spotted that the original Ten Year Coefficient table of March 2018 which ranked “Glasgow Rangers FC” at position 151 dating from 2009 to 2018, included points allocated to ALL clubs that had participated in UEFA Competitions over the ten years prior to 2018 plus extra points for those that had won UEFA competitions.  Thus, Aberdeen and Rangers FC, for example, had one point for winning the then UEFA Cup Winners Cup. Other clubs who won trophies/titles also appear with Real Madrid top of the most successful UEFA, if not the world, club heap.

Interestingly Unirea feature on that March table at ranking 215 in spite of being dissolved in 2011, does that mean UEFA see them as the same club re-founded in 2015 playing as Unirea Urziceni?

So too did Derry City FC appear at Ranking 478. They were dissolved in 2010. This explains no points awarded for three years from season 2010/11 on the table despite Derry FC qualifying in 2012 for a place in the Europa League. UEFA saw them as a new club, as explained by  Derry City Chairman Philip O’Doherty  in this BBC report

“Because the new club has only been in existence for two years – not three years – we had to apply for a derogation of the rule,” said the Derry chairman.

Thus the likes of Derry City FC who were liquidated in 2010 , started as a new club, did not pretend to be Derry City FC of old by having their membership of the IFA transferred to them, were refused entry to UEFA Europa League in 2012 because they had not had an IFA Membership for over 3 years,  are on the list at 478 in spite of UEFA clearly treating them as a new club in 2012 when they had qualified for the Europa League on sporting merit.

Fiorentina are also on the original Ten Year Table at position 38. They were liquidated in 2002 and started anew and are on the table as Fiorentina, but does that mean they are the same club as went bust in 2002 to UEFA?  They are simply a club who won UEFA trophy prior to 2018 and so are included on the list because for the first time in 2018 UEFA included ten years of previous results and titles won solely for UEFA Income redistribution purposes.

Had the growlers looked at the full coefficient table HERE  for 2016, which is separate from the Ten Year  Table, they might have got a clue as to UEFA’s perception of Rangers FC (as described on the table) they will note that at ranking 268  no points were allocated from 2013/14 to 2016/17 because “Rangers FC”   were ineligible to apply for a licence from August 2012 to August 2015 not having had three years membership of the SFA and the points allocated in 2017 /18 were the result of the 2016  application for a UEFA licence made by the new company operating the new club playing at Ibrox.

The reason for and purpose of a Ten Years Table reflecting sporting continuity in a separate coefficient table occurred in 2017/18 as explained in full  HERE  by these extracts from UEFA in 2019:

 Coefficient ranking (€585m)
A new ranking was introduced last season on the basis of performances over a ten-year period

  • 30% will be distributed on the basis of ten-year performance-based coefficient rankings (€585m).

Coefficient ranking (€585m)
A new ranking was introduced last season on the basis of performances over a ten-year period. In addition to coefficient points accumulated during this period, this ranking includes bonus points for winning the UEFA Champions League/European Champion Clubs’ Cup, the UEFA Europa League/UEFA Cup and the Cup Winners’ Cup. On the basis of these parameters, a ranking has been established and the total amount of €585.05m has been divided into ‘coefficient shares’, with each share worth €1.108m. The lowest-ranked team will receive one share (€1.108m). One share will be added to every rank and so the highest-ranked team will receive 32 shares (€35.46m).

In making the decision to go back ten years UEFA had no option because of the  change in remuneration arrangements in 2018 to include coefficient points won over the last 10 years before 2018 by ALL clubs who had played in a UEFA competition going back ten years plus trophy winners,  but who would only benefit if  competing in a current competition.

What UEFA were saying is that if you are playing in our competitions in season 2018/19 the rewards to current clubs involved will be further enhanced by the inclusion of coefficient points based on results that are themselves a result of sporting merit back in their time (and UEFA don’t have time or resources to investigate if they were honestly won on sporting merit, that is the job of national associations, ) and so to be fair to all clubs UEFA have to recognise those results obtained at the time they were obtained and make no differentiation between clubs who have continued to hold the same membership of their national associations and those who lost it because of insolvency leading to liquidation.  UEFA actually make the specific purpose of the Ten Year Table clear on the table HERE   under the [?] symbol after the heading.

If clicked it says “ These ranking are used SOLELY for the distribution of part of the club revenues” .

This Ten Year coefficient table in 2018 gave rise to ambiguity in respect of  UEFA’s clearly stated position made by Andre Traverso The Head of Club Licensing in his letter of 8th June 2016 to Celtic shareholders copied to Celtic and the SFA.

The penultimate para in Traverso’s letter, which  can be seen in full HERE  states:

“ To sum up, as a consequence of decisions taken in 2012 as well as the administration and the events/measures  that followed (including the new club/company being ineligible to apply for  a licence to participate in UEFA competitions for three seasons)  there is clearly no need for UEFA to investigate this matter any further since the club was not granted a licence to participate in the 2013/14 UEFA Club competitions, the new club/company  entered* the fourth tier of Scottish football and it was not able to play in UEFA competitions for the next three years in any event.”

* Note Not relegated.

That led your humble correspondent to ask UEFA for clarification in  2018  since the purpose of that Ten Year table appears to have been overlooked by those seizing on a meaning they desperately wanted to find in it.  I therefore put the following questions to UEFA Media Department regarding the status of The Rangers Football Club within UEFA competitions:


Three years ago I put the following questions regarding the status of The Rangers Football Club within UEFA competitions:

Is there a contradiction between what UEFA said in last 2 pars of 8th June 2016 letter to Celtic shareholders when Mr Traverso stated that any sanctions on Rangers FC for rule breaches in 2011 could only be applied in season 2012/13, but because of the administration of the club and events that followed (primarily liquidation), the result of which was the new club (TRFC)/company (TRIFC) being ineligible to apply for a licence for three seasons, there was no need for UEFA to investigate?

The use of the description of “Glasgow Rangers” in the 10 year table does not take into account the new club/company distinction made in Mr Traverso’s letter.

If the distinction made by Mr Traverso, presumably based on Article 12 of UEFA FFP, that recognises that TRFC/TRIFC SFA membership only started in 2012, applies, will that distinction be reflected in the description used in the table to either make it clear any points awarded are attributed to two different clubs as UEFA view them or the points attributed to Glasgow Rangers are removed from the total allocated to the new club/company (TRFC/TRIFC)? 

If the 10 year table accurately represents UEFA’s position, does that mean that if the current SFA Investigation into the granting of a UEFA Licence in 2011 finds that Rangers consistently misled the SFA and so UEFA, either or both bodies will be free to sanction TRFC/TRIFC for the deeds of Rangers Football Club in 2011, should any sanction be merited?

UEFA restricted their reply to saying:

“ With regards to the coefficient calculation (and club statistics shown on UEFA’s website), the club is treated as the sporting continuation as per the principles set by the UEFA Club Competitions Committee (e.g. the current/new club is registered in the same city as the club before; playing in the same stadium as the club before; the name of the current/new club is in main parts the same name as the club name before; the current/new club is playing with the same shirt colours as the club before).

Readers will note that the inclusion of Rangers is a result of  the UEFA Clubs Competitions Committee, not the Head of UEFA Club licensing. The Competitions Committee having to observe  the aims of redistribution of income decision in 2018 and so have to recognise that coefficients points earned by all clubs as a result of games played by them in the last ten years or trophies won ever have to be included in the calculation regardless of which club, as UEFA define one in Article 12 of UEFA FFP, played in those games.

Readers will also note that the UEFA’s reply called the current club “new” TWICE and made a distinction between that current new club and the “club before” FOUR times in their reply.

Nevertheless, for the avoidance of doubt, I returned to UEFA and asked the follow:

I have supplementary questions which follows on from your response yesterday:

(1) Is there is not a degree of ambiguity between the position of the UEFA Club Competitions Committee and The UEFA Club Licensing Division as set out in Article 12 of UEFA FFP and echoed by Traverso, which treats the current club as new and so was ineligible to apply for a UEFA Licence until they had been members of the SFA for three years from August 2012?

(2) In terms of footballing sanctions : if it were established by an investigation currently underway by the SFA, that the club before the new club (i.e. Rangers FC in liquidation) had  so seriously breached UEFA FFP Licensing Rules, that time limits would not apply,  would the position of the  UEFA Club Competitions Committee hold sway over the UEFA Club Licensing Division and make the current club liable to a sporting sanctions  or would the UEFA Club Licensing Division position be paramount and would the SFA be bound by whichever position took precedence, subject as the SFA are to UEFA regulations?

I look forward to hearing from you apropos these questions.


Phil Mac Giolla Bháin.


UEFA’s reply was short but nailed the idea that the Ten Year Coefficient Table has any other purpose or meaning outside of income calculation purposes.

They said:

Dear Sir,

“As mentioned this is only related to the coefficient calculation. We have no further comment to make.”

No doubt the same club flat earth fraternity will cling to the inclusion of the old Rangers (the club before)  in a table that only shows them because UEFA have to be consistent in their coefficient calculation approach.

When Traverso described the applicant for a UEFA licence as a new club/company he was being precise in his language reflecting the purpose and wording of Article 12 of UEFA FFP which exists to protect the integrity of UEFA competitions. Article 12 states:

A licence applicant may only be a football club, i.e..  a legal entity fully responsible

for a football team.

It then goes on to state what form a CLUB as a legal entity can take in order to apply for a UEFA Licence which is :

  1. is a registered member of a UEFA member association and/or its affiliated league (hereinafter: registered member)

This description applies to  Rangers “the club before” to UEFA up until July 2012. The template used to apply for a UEFA Licence can be seen HERE which clearly shows that in the abortive attempt to obtain a licence for season 2012/12 (before entering insolvency) the applicant was Rangers Football Club and no other entity, just an applicant under a)

(That 2012 license application failed because Rangers Football Club (PLC) were unable to produce annual accounts that met UEFA FFP requirements under Article 47 of UEFA FFP. Their successor club was not eligible to apply for a UEFA Licence until 2016 because under Article 12 the successor current club had not been a member of the SFA for three years.

The other acceptable applicant to UEFA was defined under b) as one that

  1. has a contractual relationship with a registered member (hereinafter: football company).

This relationship had to be a written one under Article 45 (Written contract ) of UEFA FFP with a football company which presumably exists now to fulfil UEFA FFP requirements.

In Company number terms Rangers Football Club PLC (in liquidation ) had number  SC004276

Rangers International Football Club have Company Number SCOO437060 and

Rangers Football Club Ltd have inherited the Company Number from Sevco who changed their name to Rangers Football Club Ltd which is SCOO425159

The accounts used in support of a UEFA Licence application from 2016 are from the Rangers International Football Club which contain the business transactions of Rangers Football Club Ltd.

The latest RIFC Accounts for 2020  can be seen  HERE  and although carrying the Rangers Football Club Logo the applicant for the licence cannot be Rangers Football Club Ltd who have a different Company Number inherited from Sevco NOR that of Rangers Football Club PLC (under liquidation).


From 2016 the accounts that supported the licence application from the club/legal entity playing in the same stadium as the club before (using UEFA’s words) were from Rangers International Football Club operating Rangers Football Club Ltd both of whom are new as neither existed as legal entities pre 2012, hence the precision in Traverso’s reply of 8th June 2016 as it is a new club/company that has been applying for a UEFA Licence since 2016.

If no written contract exists between Rangers FC Ltd and Rangers International Football Club then a) of Article 12 would apply making  Rangers International Football Club the registered member of the SFA who are applying for a UEFA  licence. Under either scenario whichever version wins the SPL title as looks likely, it can only be recognised as the first to give Scottish Football the same integrity protection UEFA apply to their competitions.

There is however a greater integrity issue for Scottish Football. UEFA’s position based on preserving the integrity of UEFA competitions raises serious questions about the integrity of the SFA and SPFL as signatories to the 5 Way Agreement.

The importance of Article 12.

Article 12 of UEFA FFP Para 3 states:

“ Any change to the legal form, legal group structure (including a merger with another entity or transfer of football activities to another entity) or identity (including headquarters, name or colours) of a licence applicant during this period to the detriment of the integrity of a competition or to facilitate the licence applicant’s qualification for a competition on sporting merit or its receipt of a licence is deemed as an interruption of membership or contractual relationship (if any) within the meaning of this provision.”

The purpose of Article 12 is to deter clubs from dumping debt, leaving creditors stranded yet continue as the same legal entity (under (a) and/or  (b)of Article 12  and then continue as the same club/legal entity as before.

After 3 years Rangers FC PLC are still undergoing liquidation, their SFA Membership ended in 2012, which is a terminal interruption from which they have never emerged and any attempt to treat them as the same legal entity appears to be a breach of Article 12 and its purpose, which if allowed in terms of official recognition of historical continuity and records without any justification, calls the integrity of Scottish football into doubt. It introduces a moral hazard into the game in Scotland as a result which directly conflicts with the purpose of Article 12 .

The very device used to transfer the Membership of Rangers FC Plc to Sevco who became Rangers FC Ltd is arguably in breach of Article 12 of UEFA FFP. The device used was Article 14 of SFA Articles with the anomalous heading



14.1 It is not permissible for a member to transfer directly or indirectly its membership of the Scottish FA to another member or to any other entity, and any such transfer or attempt to effect such a transfer is prohibited, save as otherwise provided in this Article 14. Any member desirous of transferring its membership to another entity within its own administrative group for the purpose of internal solvent reconstruction must apply to the Board for permission to effect such transfer, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed. Any other application for transfer of membership will be reviewed by the Board, which will have complete discretion to reject or to grant such application on such terms and conditions as the Board may think fit.

14.2 Any member which is in breach of the provisions of Article 14.1 shall, if required, indemnify the Scottish FA, its players, the relevant recognised football body and its members against all losses, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses suffered or incurred by the Scottish FA, its players, the relevant recognised football body and its members which result directly or indirectly from such breach, including any loss of income or profits from any undertaking, commercial liaison, sponsorship, or arrangement entered into by the Scottish FA, its players, the relevant recognised football body or by any of its members.

Sevco were not part of the Rangers administrative group therefore the transfer was at the SFA Board’s discretion and the question is did that use of discretionary power conflict with Article 12 of UEFA FFP? UEFA certainly didn’t recognise the transfer as providing continuity.

That leads to: do the SFA and SPFL have the right to ignore UEFA FFP rules?

The SFA Articles state:


The Scottish FA is a member of FIFA and UEFA. Accordingly, it is itself obliged to:-

(a) observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the principles

of fair play:

(b) comply with the statutes, regulations, directives, codes and decisions and the International Match Calendar of FIFA, UEFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and the Laws of the Game;



And the  SPFL?

The SPFL whose CEO sees Rangers as the same club in public statements, what are the SPFL Obligations to the SFA and so UEFA?

Agreement on Compliance with Applicable Rules, Statutes and Regulations

B4 Membership of the League shall constitute an agreement between the Company

and each Club, and between each of the Clubs, to be bound by and to comply with:

B4.1 these Rules and the Articles;

B4.2 Regulations made from time to time by the Board as authorised by the


B4.3 the Scottish FA Articles and the statutes and regulations of UEFA and FIFA;

This suggests as would be expected that The SPFL and its member clubs have to comply with SFA Articles which have to comply with UEFA statutes, regulations etc thus the questions arise.

Are the SFA and SPFL complying with the statutes, regulations, directives, codes and decisions of UEFA and  FIFA if they do not apply the principles of UEFA FFP to Rangers FC Ltd, who entered Scottish football in 2012 and if so,  as a parties to the 5 Way Agreement is the 5 Way Agreement that allowed the transfer of membership in breach of a fundamental principle of UEFA fair play regulations? Were UEFA ever consulted?

Only the SFA, the SPFL and UEFA can answer that.

However, it is a response on which the integrity of the Scottish football industry depends if it is to have an honest future.

The Rangers EBT decade happened because of a failure of sporting governance and an absence of journalistic scrutiny in Scotland.

If the SFA and the Fitba Fourth Estate had been fulfilling their allotted tasks then none of this would have happened.

That Sevco have been allowed to pretend that they are Rangers (1872) only compounds the initial collective failure.

It should not take a journalist in another country to be the sceptical interrogator of this shameful shitshow.




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  1. Try and make it as complicated as you can you tube, The Gers are back, stop yer greeting and prepare for years of pain

  2. Finding it difficult to give a toss now. The 10 has gone and Rangers are still there like that rotten itch under your skin you can’t get rid off.

    1. You’d better get used tae it! Prepare yersells fur years of pain, 56, 57,58,59,60,61,62,63 😂😂🤣🤣

  3. We all know that the only reason sevco fans shout about 55, is to perpetuate the myth of being the same club , the one that died. Smsm will allow them to scream it from the rooftops, that will not make it true, we all know the facts. Hail Hail

    1. Do you know the facts ??? 1st thing the old company has not been liquidated yet and are still active on company snd are currently in talks with bdo and hmrc .2nd thing you cannot liquidate an asset of a company 3rd thing you cannot liquidate a sporting entity thats owned by another company they are not a corporate legal entity that can be liquidated thats corporate law. 4th thing rangers fc did not have a holding company for 27 years does that mean they 27 years dont count .a holding company waz set up in 1899 . When the old company was going into the liquidation process rangers fc where moved from one company to another at no point did rangers fc ceased to exist.
      And why where rangers not allowed to sign players for 1 year and also when a new company or team want to apply for a membership to the Scottish league they have to have 4 yesrs of accounts that can prove they are financially substantial if rangers where a new club then they would not have been granted a membership because they did not have 4 years of accounts

  4. The Rangers International Fc is not a Football Club.
    It’s a business which operated a Football Team in order to make money. The previous entity was Liquidated doing such a thing.
    Celtic is no different except that it of course has remained solvent since its Incorporation as a Company back in the late 1800’s.
    As is proven to be the case in Companies House.
    The Rangers Incorporated in 2012 where you will find no previous history.

    Gone ,lost forever just like the face painters £40.

    1. I should add they ARE going for 55.
      55 Annual Reports… only 47 left to go.

      At the rate of losses seen over the last 8 I wouldn’t go making any plans yet for a celebration.

  5. I’m sure TED will have enjoyed this piece. Lies beget lies and that’s why we hear about their ‘demotion’ too. HH

  6. Jesus Christ, seriously who gives a fuck? This was supposed to be 10 iar season who cares if it’s 55 or the first or whatever the fuck it is. What difference does it make? Let it go Phil. Celtic made a complete arse of it as long as the oirish mafia get their dividends the supporters can go fuck themselves.

  7. It would be really mean if the SFA suspended the Sevco players who were fined by Police Scotland in the early hours of Administration Day as they simply wanted to celebrate the great day together.

  8. Great piece Phil.

    Hopefully you will keep asking these questions.

    I’ll never quite get my head around why in July 2017 when they lost the Supreme Court Judgement and Celtic asked the SFA for Judicial Review, within hours the SFA refused, stating they didn’t want to “ pour over old coals “ If the JR went ahead then I believe that would have put the same club myth to bed. As would the complicit ness and corruption of the SFA in the previous 10 plus years of bending over backwards for the Royal True Blues.

  9. The aim was always the long game with this but unfortunately until this and probably more generations have passed nothing will change straight away it will of course not be like that in the future as some intrepid historian will look over the details of what has gone before and put the truth out there for all to see.

  10. Phil did you never ask UEFA about tge 5 way agreement in your correspondence with them.
    In relation to your previous article about child abuse, did the current club not tell victims to see the liquidator as they are a different club

  11. Did you know that the stars reset themselves the day after every Winter Solstice, Phil, and that this is why mariners can still use thousand year old star charts to guide their vessels to this day?

    I bet you didn’t, as so few do, but what this proves beyond all doubt is that we are NOT, I repeat,NOT, flying through this alleged ‘infinite space’ the scientists keep on consistently blabbering about,

    And you know what THIS means, don’t you ..?

    It means the scientists are lying to us.

    So you better be very careful with that deliberate blind ignorance of yours for in every word you type here it comes back and bites you on the arse.

  12. From next Season the Green Brigade should install a permanent banner in their section thats impossible for the media and broadcasters to avoid saying Celtic 51 – Sevco – 1.

  13. All those words, all those paragraphs, and all you can do is confirm the opposition’s position 🙂

    UEFA: “The club is treated as the sporting continuation”.


    That’s what Rangers, their fans, the Scottish football authorities have saying all along! Nobody claims the corporate entity is anything other than newly established in 2012.

    A new football club would not be a “sporting continuation” of anything. It would have no claim to past titles, achievements, having not existed before 2012.

    But UEFA say otherwise. As your article states.

    Viewing Rangers as a sporting continuation, UEFA will greet our impending crowning as Scottish Champions as our 55th such accolade.

    And you Phil, the useful idiot, have re-confirmed that. Thank you 😊

    1. “The club is TREATED AS the sporting continuation”

      is not the same as…

      “The club IS the sporting continuation”

  14. What utter drivel to mask the only fact that matters:

    “the club is treated as the sporting continuation”

    That’s all Rangers fans / the SFA / the SPFL have ever stated! Nobody claims the corporate entity is was not newly formed in 2012.

    A sporting continuation.

    A new football club would not be a “sporting continuation”, it would have ZERO claim to trophies/achievements before 2012.

    Yet UEFA say otherwise. As your article admits.

    UEFA will view this “sporting continuation” as being Scottish Champions for a 55th time, as will everyone else aside from obsessive Rangers-haters like yourself.

    Thanks for confirming, Phil! 🙂

    1. “The Rangers football club does not exist, it is an idea in people’s minds, a myth of continuity.”

      Alan Dewar QC.

      Court of session 29th Jan 2016.

      1. Phil – your own article states that UEFA recognise the “sporting continuation” of Rangers FC, despite the new legal entity – indeed they pay us cold hard cash in prize money (ie. for the 1972 Cup Winners Cup triumph) based on that view.

        We can presume Alan Dewar QC was ignorant of that fact when he (allegedly) made that statement… 😉

    2. You’re an idiot, like all sevconians you’re only taking what you want from Phil’s piece to suit your narrative. You cheated by using money you didn’t have to buy players you otherwise couldn’t have afforded which breaks the sporting integrity brief, then you were liquidated and changed your name to a totally different one which means you aren’t the same club so there can’t be a continuance of history and titles. If you had any brains at all you’d see that, just because your fans and the press in Scotland perpetuate the same lie over and over again doesn’t make it true you imbecile.

      1. As I already granted, no-one claims the old company survived / the new company wasn’t formed in 2012.

        So Phil “proving” that fact, a quote from UEFA’s licencing body re. “new company/club” that references that legal aspect, is entirely futile.

        Dispassionate investors in the old PLC would of course disagree, but to sports fans “sporting continuation” – recognised by the sporting bodies – is all that matters.

        55 titles, a Cup Winners Cup, are sporting achievements after all. They don’t appear on balance sheets or official returns to Companies House.

        Phil titling an article “the lie of 55”, when the substance of his writing confirms 55 will be recognised by every sporting body, is a misnomer if ever there was one.

        1. Let me get you the face painter’s phone number and you can explain to him/her why the current team calling itself Rangers won’t pay him/her their 40 quid.

          Then there is the person who was subjected to abuse being told to contact the liquidators over his claim by the current team calling itself Rangers.

          Maybe only about 275 phone numbers to go.

          Shouldn’t take you too long.

          Finally, why did an SFA and SPL registration become vacant when your original club went into liquidation?

          Surely if your club did not die then you were cheated out of your place in the top league of Scottish football?

          Your original club is still alive but it is in liquidation.

          Why it is taking so long I do not know.

          A long, slow, lingering death but a death (end of life) none the same.

        2. As explained at length in the piece, sporting continuity is for revenue distribution purposes and not what constitutes a club.

        3. Sporting continuity purely for a new way of redistribution of CL money that applied to other clubs UEFA otherwsie treated as new, one of whom ceased to exist.

          The Coefficient Committee did not treat Rangers as same club no more than it treated Derry etc.

          Before 2018 there was no ten year table.

          Did that mean UEFA treated them as same club before then?

          Did the appearance of a ten year table mean that UEFA changed their position in 2018?

          The meaning given to the 10 year table that UEFA see the current club applying for a UEFA licence the same as the words before is clearly absurd.

          There was a reason for a ten year table, what would be the SPFLs reason to ignore the UEFA article with overriding purpose of protecting the integrity of UEFA competitions?

          What reason can SPFL give for failing to protect integrity of Scottish football?

          If they can let’s here it and all supporters can be satisfied the SPFL and SFA are justified in doing so and the integrity of Scottish football is intact.

          Article 12 is where a club as UEFA recognise one is defined.

          What is the equivalent of Article 12 to protect the games integrity in Scotland?

          What is so wrong in having one or adhering to its principles?

  15. Cannot agree with first comment above that the chance was there and is now gone and the narrative will die away. To never challenge a lie and pass on the challenge until the lie is exposed is the more serious crime that will have been committed by us alone and our actions to accept lies.
    Irishmen and irishwomen, for eaxample, have struggled in a fight for centuries to bring to the fore the truth and it is getting nearer when their struggles are been recognised as the truth, only by accepting and bowing to lies do they propogate. A lie no matter how many times you tell it is still a lie and will always be a lie, A truth will always be the truth and the truth should always be told no matter who mocks you for telling it.

  16. The flat Earth/same klub link is apt. It takes a special kind of idiocy to believe in either scam. Unfortunately people/peepul who are that thick are seldom shifted from their chosen viewpoint so I’d say you’ve wasted your time typing that up! Any replies from the flint-knuckled imbeciles that follow-follow will likely just be the usual bile-filled invective they resort to when faced with the truth.

    1. The stars reset themselves the day after Winter Solstice, the 22nd of December.

      This is why mariners can still guide their vessels using thousands of year old star charts to this day and will be able to do so forevermore.

      If you take a photo of the stars tonight and check it at the same time on the same date next year the starts will be in exactly the same position as they are on each night since began.

      This proves beyond all doubt that we are not flying through this imaginary ‘infinite space’ as role us by the ‘scientists’ as the stars would be changing constantly try and NOT returning to their original positions as the year before.

      Which means that without a doubt the ‘scientists’ are lying to us as the sky itself tells us the truth and this truth is self apparent RIGHT ABOVE OUR HEADS yet you two fools and millions of others like are too Indoctrinated and brainwashed to ever even think about it far less notice it.

      The sun tells us what time it is, the moon tells us what day it and the stars tell us what month it is for Earth is but a timepiece and the heavens alone prove this beyond all doubt.

      Now go and look up, you pair of ignoramuses.

  17. Phil you should ask FIFA to take Sevco, the SFA and SPFL to task over these issues the very fact that they’re perpetrating the myth of being the same club should come under intense scrutiny. That sevco and the 2 governing bodies of the Scottish FA and 2 governing bodies of the world game are allowed to get away with this shows that all 4 bodies are corrupt to the core, which we all knew anyway but someone, somewhere has to take a stand. We know that our own press corps pander to the blue pound and ergo won’t rock the boat. The fourth estate was founded on delivering the truth but now it’s about whatever political affiliation and propaganda the newspaper owner subscribes to. There’s only a handful of scribes like yourself who still hold the truth to be sacred and that’s why I subscribed to your blog in the first place. We all know that if this was Celtic who were financially doped to win trophies liquidated, tried to come back and claim to be the same entity and become financially doped and on the brink of liquidation again that the quintessentially British chaps from Govan and the SMSM would have a field day. Keep on putting the truth out there mate and good luck with finishing the novel.

  18. It Will be interesting to see what’s engraved on the trophy base come the time.
    If it’s exactly the same as pre 2012 or slightly different

  19. That’s an excellent of Phil thank you very much.
    It’s an easy to understand read so why does everyone including Celtic continue with “the Lie”?

    1. Deary me Phil, let your sad obsession go, all the relevant football authorities will recognise this as title 55, outwith your wee group of fellow obsessed cellic supporters you are a laughing stock.

      You can continue writing to UEFA/FIFA until you are blue in the face, to them you are no more than an another sad conspiracy theorist.

      1. You’re another idiot, the first entity of you’re died because of spending money they didn’t have on players they otherwise couldn’t have afforded, that’s cheating, it’s not sporting integrity and left 260 creditors owed money that’s malfeasance also. The real piece de resistance though is sevco telling sexual abuse victims to go to oldco Rangers in search of compensation which shows what a contemptible club and support you really are. Just because enough people perpetrate a lie it still doesn’t make it true you’re not the same club, as you were liquidated so you can’t keep the footballing history or trophy haul no matter what anyone in your club or support says, it’s simply not true. I could go in to the legality of it all but your club and support are already living in cloud cuckoo land already by perpetrating the myth of being the same club despite being a different sporting entity with a totally different name registered at Companies House. You were helped to cover up all of this malfeasance by the SFA and the SPFL who last season you had correctly called corrupt but only because it wasn’t in your clubs favour this time. You will be winning your first major honour in your clubs 9yr existence if you win the league this season, that’s a fact. There’s people in Carstairs who know this to be true and that’s a hospital for the criminally insane, so it says a lot for you and your support in the mentally competent department that you still believe you’re the same club, you’re not! That’s end of story.

    1. You beat me to it!

      We know exactly what the SMSM and the The Rangers are all about.
      Leopards don’t change their spots, brass necks can’t be marked with a blowtorch, etc.

      But we could / should look closer to home for the truth.

      Will the outgoing CEO try and make amends – e.g. for his Res.11/12 mismanagement – by congratulating TRFC on its first title?
      Will ‘our’ Board collectively congratulate TRFC on its first title win?

      I think we can already guess the answer: silence. 🙁

      1. Sad losers. Well you better get used to it and maybe look into the disgusting Catholic Church style cover up of child abuse at celtic. If you care about anything important. Your club is the most disgusting and corupt now with the worst reputation in world football.

        1. Your concern and compassion for all victims of child abuse does you great credit David.
          No, seriously…

        2. Are you for real you mutant your own club has finally apologised to fans who were sexually abused at your club too. A fact that your support used to beat Celtic with a big stick for over the years when you used your selective amnesia to forget it was happening at your own club too. Your support and club couldn’t give a monkey’s for the victims and with your vile post you’re proving the same thing again. These poor people from clubs all over the UK including yours, not unless the selective amnesia kicks in again, have suffered horrendously but for you to trivialise it to only Celtic as a club is utterly reprehensible. It proves how horrible club and even more horrible support you really are you’re a sick twisted individual and like the rest of your support you need treatment. Your team won the league for the first time in 10 years and deserved to do so as the league table doesn’t lie and what was your supports response go rampaging through the city centre causing thousands of pounds worth of damage, intimidating and threatening and racially abusing people all with a police escort in the middle of a pandemic and not one sanction against your club. That’s not normal behaviour it speaks volumes about your club and support the sooner you get liquidated again the better and it’s coming make no mistake of that you clown.

  20. It’s all too late now. It’s wasted energy Phil. Nothing is ever going to happen on this now unfortunately. The chance has came and went. We may all now accept them as “rangers” and this narrative will die away further as the years go by.

    Institutionalised bigotry and corruption will always win in Scotland. It’s about living with it and enjoying life, despite this cancer of our country

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