The dodgy defenders of Ibrox

Until recently, when I heard the term “Statue Defender” I immediately thought of these guys.

Sadly, in Fair Caledonia, it is also a new euphemism for a fascist in a public place.

The illness can also be found in the Imperial capital.

Tragically, it would appear that white Protestants just can’t catch a break in Scotland these days.

Who knew?

Of course, in the Volkstaat of their imagination, Ibrox is Herrenvolk central.

In fairness, some of these bloviating fascists talk a good game, and they add much to the ranks of the Waffle SS.


Yes, their stunts are comical, and the historical illiteracy that they reveal is excruciating.

However, it would be a grave error to discount the potential of this subculture.

The sad reality is that in Scotland, there is a sporting franchise that readily lends itself to a fascist message.

Moreover, there could be a time when such a subculture could be very useful to the Etonian tribe in Westminster.

At the moment Planet Fitba is squabbling over how the league ended.

Unfortunately, once lawyers are involved things rarely get better.

That might be a kind of law or something.

However, the long-standing cultural tumour within Scottish football is a brand built on xenophobia.

That it continues unchallenged because of the quiet acquiescence of the Fitba Fourth Estate is as shameful as the message itself.

12 thoughts on “The dodgy defenders of Ibrox”

  1. They still can’t retail the Castore gear ,,,Mike took a reduced payment off them 18 months ago on the condition that they extended his rights by 5 years and Castore are still awaiting legal information about the COLD SHOULDER as it could and will effect them dealing with them

  2. Phil, my wee grand-daughters bought me a Nine-in-a-row t-shirt yesterday, for my birthday. Will wear it on 12 july. HH

  3. There would be no need for lawyers had the SPFL not been so keen to award Celtic the tainted title.
    There was no need for the clause combining payments to awarding the titles and had the SPFL done their job in protecting ALL member clubs, league reconstruction would have been mandatory.
    NO club should have been disadvantaged and once they went down this road it was short sighted outdated clowns that refused to do the right thing. They would rather put the boot into a member club if it meant they gained 50p.
    Many Championship clubs thought having Hearts in the league would boost their coffers, well Hearts fans shot that down and made it clear they would not take away tickets in the numbers the chairmen thought. Having realised this they should have taken a step back and gone with reconstruction. Many teams in the middle of the lower leagues would not have been affected by recon, but still they voted to damage a fellow member clubs. Hearts and Partick are only doing what the other did, and looking out for themselves, the added bonus is other clubs will benefit should they win. A win hopefully will see the end of Doncaster and all the old cronies who are holding Scottish football back from being a better product, and a more interesting product for the TV companies. A fairer league where the best of the rest are not scrambling for the Glasgow bigots crumbs.
    The duopoly has ruined Scottish football long enough and Celtic moaning they don’t do well in Europe due to no competition means that competition would improve ALL teams. Celtic fans with green tinted specs won’t like it but if we are to get more TV money and a more entertaining product there MUST be change.

    1. Celtic were by far the rightful Champions of the 2019/2020 season and would more than likely have won the league by around 20 points if the league could have been played to a finish. I do have sympathy for Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer, but the SPFL have their rules, and these will be tested in court so we will just have to await the outcome. As far as the two Glasgow teams go who you lump together as bigots I take exception to this, my club Glasgow Celtic have never been a sectarian or racist club, yes they were founded by mostly Irish immigrants and some Scotsmen, they were named Celtic rather than Hibernian in order that they would represent both Scotland and Ireland reflecting their founding fathers. all through their history the signing of players was always based on ability and nothing else.
      As far as your quest for a fairer league goes the only answer to this is for teams such as the capital city’s Hearts and Hibs to increase their gates, this also goes for Aberdeen who have a large catchment area all to themselves. It is not my clubs fault that they have a large and enthusiastic fanbase.

    2. Why don’t you just come out and say that the league should have been null and void.This would have stopped 10IAR,as Celtic would start from scratch.
      Pity the BOS is still not bankrolling your team.

  4. Check out the castore promotional video. Absolute cringe material. ‘As times change, we adapt!’ (cuts straight to a pic of Defoe) look were not racist anymore

  5. As we know in Scotland there is no fourth estate, only an estate of pish peddlers designed to massage the egos of the poor wee Protestants which can be seen anytime you forget yourself and drop by one of their sites. From front to back the same narrative prevails

  6. Scotland has 4,835 additional deaths to June 7th this year compared to the last 5 year average.

    The Scot Gov is reporting a bit over 2,000 Covid19 deaths. Less than half the deaths being fessed up to.

    With all this going on, the madness of hate filled bigots roaming in gangs and calling it protests or protecting monuments truly beggars belief. Disease spreaders.

    1. The lockdown itself has had a detrimental effect on peoples health. Isolation and inactivity are a lethal combination. Expect a lot more to get sick now that the restrictions are being eased, a lot of weakened immune systems right now.

  7. Phil keep at them.

    Yerself and other righteous reporters/bloggers, will keep shining a big bright fuckin light on them, until they are resigned to history. Servo will never change, their fans will never change. Unfortunately we here in Scotland, don’t have a system/organisation that will take servo by the orange balls, squeeze the shit out of said orange balls, until they are buried with fines, charges, and anything else. Of course they will go under first, the handshake mob will not squeeze those orange balls, they are to used to sooking them. gotta keep they gloves white.

    Stay safe

    Hail Hail 🍀🍀

  8. Excellent piece that should be shared far and wide. The final paragraph is the perfect summation. Chapeau!

  9. Brilliant Phil,this and it’s forerunner,a few wee chortles in both too,please keep at them,if only for the laughs they unwittingly give regularly to us All.

    A sevco loving friend just mssgd me about a non-fitba matter,I replied and so did he with this,he said ‘Nathaniel Clyne is in Glesca’ touted as one of their new ‘statue defenders’ is my guess.I pointed out that on his last transfer he went to Liverpool for £12.5m,I added it may well be a stretch for them with those terms.He replied that ‘money was not the main concern atm’.I left it right there.😂Way too familiar that phrase and it never ends well.

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