Stevie Stumped, Allan Stamper and the Poundland Pirlo

It is never a good look when a football manager admits that he has run out of ideas.

After all, that is a core function of management-to come up with solutions to problems.

Now, there cannot be any lingering doubt that the current Sevco squad suffers from a discipline problem.

Two players, in particular, are serial offenders; Morelos and McGregor.

The latter was sent off yesterday against Hibernian.

Now the Sevco goalkeeper has been doing similar all season and usually escaping any sanction for this Corinthian sportsmanship.

Yesterday, I was reminded about his off the ball kick out at Kristoffer Ajer on September 2nd last year.

For some inexplicable reason he escaped punishment on the day and, even more baffling, there was no retrospective action.

If you will pardon the pun, ill-discipline is something that any football manager needs to stamp out as soon as it appears.

However, it is the sort of thing that a rookie manager might struggle to get to grips with.

The ex-Liverpool U18 coach has stated that the lack of discipline had contributed to yet another season without silverware.

Oh, another thing that debutant managers tend to do is to make stupid predictions or issue grandiose manifestoes.

FYI Stevie…

Of course, the Ibrox klanbase demand silverware.

Moreover, they’re not too fussed how it is achieved.

They seem to be incapable of shame about the EBT tax scam and “imperfectly registered” players.

No matter how tainted the title is they just want it.

Therefore, the pressure on any Sevco manager to deliver is now extreme.

The thing is that particular problem former Gerrard’s is unlikely to go away next season.

Last summer the Sevco High Command really did push the boat out for him.

Quite frankly, they spent money they didn’t have.

In the euphoria of the victory at Ibrox on December 29th, they increased an already crippling wage will by adding Davis and Defoe to the payroll.

The hope was that these two would tip the balance in the second half of the league campaign.

Ah well…

Mr Davis, was rather bombastic when he played for the original Rangers.

However, he decided To Do Walking Away the following year.

Lest we forget…

Now the Norn Iron midfielder who might fancy himself in the twilight of his career as a Poundland Pirlo will find himself up against an engine room that drives Celtic on to victory.

The bottom line is that champions always get the job done.

Sevco have been over-reliant on one player to score their goals from open play.

Obviously, they can always call on their captain to regularly step up to the penalty spot.

However,  it is undeniable that Señor Alfredo José Morelos Aviléz is a bit of a head the ball, and I don’t mean his aerial prowess.

Consequently, he is often unavailable due to those pesky red card thingies…

Celtic, on the other hand, have players who will step up at unexpected times and bury one when it really matters.

The new manager at Parkhead, whoever that might be, will have substantial funds to spend on rebuilding the squad.

Moreover, that budget will not be generated by borrowing.

It doesn’t need to be as the champions have tens of millions in the bank.

Therefore, the current Sevco incumbent is really up against it.

All that the new guy at Celtic has to do is to perform with adequate competence to have a massive advantage over Mr Let’s Go.

However, he probably doesn’t quite realise that yet.

My information, from an impeccable source, is that the resident MBE at Ibrox still thinks that he will be bankrolled massively in the summer.

Apparently, he has a verbal assurance from Mr David Cunningham King.

Oh dear…

I’m coming to the inescapable conclusion that thinking is not Stevie’s main strength.

Just a thought…

The good news is that I am aware of two English clubs, one in the bottom third of the EPL and the other in the upper end of the Championship, who think that Mr Gerrard has made a decent fist of his first season in senior management.

Therefore, just like Allan McGregor in 2012, there is an escape route from the basket of assets.

Now there’s an idea Stevie!

You’re welcome, mate.


15 thoughts on “Stevie Stumped, Allan Stamper and the Poundland Pirlo”

  1. Factually wrong ,Steven Davis did not do walking away . Alan Mcgregor and Lafferty did

  2. Ah well, the noises coming out of Ibrox would indicate that no guard of honour will be offered to the newly crowned Champions this weekend.
    Can’t believe for a moment that Gerrard is in agreement with that.
    We hear much talk of class and dignity emanating from Ibrox, mostly from the club themselves, however in this instance they have shot themselves in the foot.
    If Stevie G was unaware of what he’d walked into then his eyes will be wide open now and if his team doesn’t turn over the Champs then he’d better be wearing a hard hat as no doubt there will be a few brickbats heading his way.
    Despite difficult transfer windows and some poor performances the league has been won by a country mile.
    I think any criticism of Lennon has been unjust given the circumstances and haste of his interim appointment.
    Under Brendan the constant passing of the ball along the back line was painful to the eye and hugely frustrating.
    We appear to be more direct now and the goals against column speaks volumes for the defence and Bain in particular, he’s been a great find.
    Jozo and Ayer have formed a good partnership and long may it continue.
    Let’s make more history with a treble treble, tool up in the transfer window for CL qualification and start down the road towards a quadruple treble.
    Hail, hail.

  3. Phil I can Remember Dave Klng SAYING to the appeal panel he knows of their is two criminals that are big shareholders himself and do you know who else he’s talking about ! He’s been quite shy lately since his bum smackin from Mike Ashley there’s a war cries coming out soon Rallying for more money that’s OPM OTHER PEOPLES MONEY HE TALKED ABOUT KIDS MONEY GETTING SPENDING ON RANGERS IF HE NEEDED TO NO POCKET MONEY FOR THE KING’S KIDS THEN WOT SHITE CAN HE POSSIBLY SAY TO THE PEOPLE MOST LIKELY THAT’S BUYING SEASON BOOKS THIS TIME LAST YEAR THEY WERE GIVING IT DAILY SALES TELLING US SOLD OUT NEW MANAGER GERARD HIMSELF GETTING A chance hope Dave king coming over to see the shite he’s got playing will he have bags of pocket money af the kids is the face painter still getting a shift again the 800 Celtic fans should get their faces done like lions v stevie Gerard

  4. Sunday hospital Sunday for the Celtic team! Do Celtic rest some players Scott Brown is the prime suspect for making them look like yobs looking for a Handbag to swing at him if that’s wot happening at parkhead then at ibox with the twelfth player looking at the moon canny see past his brother’s then Broony better watch what he’s doing when we score the SFA will have him up on a new charge for Bringing the game down to SAYING bad things to Ryan Kent it’s not on you canny say bad stuff DICK JOHNSON WASTED no time on clyde 1 so Broony watch out the SFA is about your Bringing the Scottish game down showing the rangers how two command the midfield and your team mates canny celebrate cos the huns are right round the hole dump when we score just do the huddle that’s a charge itself I bet if Gerard wants to play Morels halliday Kent then try and make them pay for the cheap swipes they had well done Celtic 8iaR HH REST IN PEACE BILLY AND STEVIE LIONS 0F LISBON 67, NOW THAT CELTIC HAVE 50 LEAGUE TITLE’S WILL THEY PUT THEM ON THE NEW TEAM TOPS 5 WEE STARS THEN ONE ENORMOUS STAR FOR LISBON ENEYONE KNO!

  5. Never realised how important winning the SPL reserve league was till today.
    That will keep the Rangers fans happy during the summer break, combined with the media linking them with everyone and anyone, Bosmans of course.
    Next weekend’s game is a must win for Gerrard and with Celtic having the title wrapped up the pressure is all on the home team to give their fans a victory and the bragging rights that go with it.
    Apparently Stevie G can’t confirm that a guard of honour will welcome Celtic onto the Ibrox pitch as he has to speak to the club first.
    The tradition that the team playing the next game against newly crowned Champions form a guard of honour has been around for a few years.
    No doubt Gerrard has experienced this throughout his playing career, welcoming league winners onto the pitch.
    It’s the honourable thing to do and no doubt Stevie G would like to continue that tradition but given the noise coming from the fan base Kingco may veto any guard of honour to keep the fans onside.
    Statement o clock will be made early next week with some made up excuse invented by Kingco for not providing a guard of honour.
    This will go down well with the fan base, however if the Sports Direct judgement comes in next week then a guard of honour will be the last thing on their minds with, perhaps, some questions being asked about who fecked up the merchandising contract.

    1. I hadn’t seen that one before. It’s appalling!! Mind you, he’s been doing it since the first game of the season.

  6. I’m not convinced that ”substantial funds” will be handed out to a new manager. The biscuit tin mentality is alive and well under the care of Lawwell. HH

  7. Congratulations to young Jamsie and Stevie Clarke in their respective winning categories and a reluctant tip of the hat to Kent too, decent young player who made a mammoth mistake punching Broonie, hope he learns a few things this season and goes to bigger and better places to play his trade and wakes up.

    As for AMcG fs this guy belongs in a locked ward, there’s not another profession in the world I know of where someone can blatantly assault someone and escape lawful punishment.

    I think we should all be shouting to keep slippy and after his and Garth Crooks comments on Scottish football we should show them what real winners are.

    Hail hail

    1. With his anger antics this season he should be getting professional help.
      It was laughable after kicking out at the Hibs player to see fhe goalie rolling around on the ground clutching his own leg.
      He’s mostly gone unpunished for his kick outs, what with our officials eyesight problem or the cheating scoundrels at Hampden doing him a favour by blatantly ignoring the TV evidence in front of their eyes.
      Can’t wait to see the officials roster for the cup final.

      1. Feckin dreading it personally. Probably be Attila with the whistle. Pol-Pot and Hitler running the lines. Genghis Khan as fourth official.

    2. The Hibs player shouldn’t have hurt poor McGregor with his back. The keeper received a severe injury to his ankle and might consequently be unable to play against the Champions when they go to Ipox to receive their congratulations from the sportsmanlike sevco. HH

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