Four penalties and a funeral

I’m told that Sevco were deadly from the penalty spot today against St Mirren.

Indeed, match reports indicate that the home side really unlucky not to score more.

Undoubtedly Mr Gerrard will be happy that his team can create such clear cut chances from 12 yards.

It bodes well for the title run in that they can call on such creativity when it is needed.

Mr Gerrard will be happy that he did not lose his star striker Alfredo Morelos during the recent transfer window.

However, despite the breathless coverage in the mainstream media, there was, in the end, no offer to turn down.

Of course, we’ve been here before.

Now a cynical person might conclude that this knicker wetting stenography during January was designed to elicit a bid for the cash strapped club, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

My information was that there was “a conversation” between a lower end EPL club and Sevco about the player.

However, a loan deal with an option to buy would not have gone down well with the Ibrox klanbase.

Moreover, a proposed fee of £3.5m rising to £5m was well short of the fantasy price tag that had been fed to The People.

One player who did leave the premises was Jordan Rossiter, on loan to Bury.

No harm to the kid, but he was weighed down from the start by the hype when he arrived at Sevco.

Although much was expected of him, little journalistic scrutiny was applied to his injury profile at Liverpool.

he was even gushed about in the Glasgow media as “the new Steven Gerrard” when he arrived at Sevco.

There are other players who Mr Gerrard clearly does not rate and they are still there on substantial wages.

I would be difficult to overstate how distraught some members of the Sevco High Command are at the fact that Morelos is still on the payroll in February.

Had he departed then the acquisition of Defoe on a lengthy loan could have diverted the attention of the Ibrox klanbase.

Now the bloated wage bill is substantially bigger and Mr Gerard has to accommodate two strikers into a formation that usually only has room for one.

Given the current tensions between the new and the old at Murray Park, I would not be surprised if a new WhatsApp Group emerges.

As for acquisitions, as opposed to loan deals, Jordan Jones and Glen Kamara do hint at preparedness for future austerity.

This is certainly a novel idea for the current regime in the Blue Room.

Moreover, it might be required if General Ashley patiently awaits his moment until the season ticket money starts to flow into  the Ibrox coffers.

That would be a particularly awkward time if he were to launch his legal divisions to attack the Sevco car boot sale operation.

In the aftermath of the heroic triumph of the tribute act today it is worth recalling what happened to the original Rangers.

Despite having friends in low places Rangers still self-destructed.

The lesson from their death in 2012 is that a hubristic sense of entitlement can be a fatal disorder.











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