Unwelcome reality at Ibrox

I have often characterised the home support at Ibrox as being unwilling to face up to inconvenient truths.

Indeed, in the past, I’ve referred to them as an “evidence resistant subculture”.

There are, of course, always outliers and this person seems to be such a maverick.

Until the victory at Ibrox over the champions on 29th December last year Sevco’s finest hour had undoubtedly been on the 17th of April 2016 at Hampden.

After a 2-2 draw Celtic were beaten on penalties.

That day The People thought that their long journey was over.

They believed it because they wanted to believe, indeed needed to believe.

The Sevco High Command couldn’t contain themselves that day.

Unfortunately, they rather overdid the Unsurpassed Dignity in front of Mr Dermot Desmond.

It was a slight he wouldn’t forget or forgive and he promptly hired Brendan Rodgers.

In all the euphoria The People believed that they had a top class manager in the Admirable Warburton.

Moreover, the Stenography Corps were happy to augment the delusion with all manner of gushing pish.

However, the first meeting with Brendan’s side rather established that Hampden had only been a cruel mirage.

The following February the ex-City trader turned on the TV to find out that he had resigned from Sevco.

Then the Pedro caravan trundled into town.

Once more there was incredible hype from the hacks.

The klan was soothed with exlcusive shite that the likeable Portuguese spoofer was an exponet of a rather arcane tactical sorcery.

In the end Pedro met with little Progrès…

It was time for the second zip chewing interregnum…

In fairness, the hiring of Mr Gerrard was a PR masterstroke by Mr King.

It re-energised the Ibrox klanbase and the season ticket renewals were kick-started into life.

Mr Gerrard is a demanding rookie at this management lark.

Consequently, the chaps in the Blue Room has pushed the boat out very far indeed.

So much so that the extra European revenue has largely been eaten up by higher wage costs.

With all of that Sevoc are still looking up at their richer neighbours.

Therefore, the  Ibrox noise chap cannot be faulted for laying out the stark reality about their current situation.

However, reality isn’t that popular at the stadium John Brown played for.

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