Putting celebrations into historical context

On May 27th 2017 I was in O’Gilins Irish Pub in Lisbon watching Celtic attempt to make history.

The atmosphere in the narrow little bar was palpable.

However, it was probably like a chapel of rest compared what it was like at Hampden that day.

In the dying embers of the game the guy that Brendan Rodgers calls “the magic man” took possession of the ball.

Tom Rogic then slalomed past the Aberdeen defence to beat the brilliant Joe Lewis at his near post.

No worries.

The crowd in O’Gilins erupted and I can’t even begin to think what the Celtic end at Hampden was like.

The Invincible Treble is one of those achievements that will probably never be equalled in Scottish football.

Rogic ran to the Celtic fans and there was an exchange of hugs.

However, the supporters stayed where they are meant to be and there was no pitch invasion.

It was a historic achievement, but that’s what Celtic tend to do.

I was in Lisbon for the 50th anniversary of another such historic deed.

Consider then what type of club and what type of support base feels it appropriate to spill onto the pitch at Livingston after winning a league match.

After winning a league match…

The historic events of the summer of 2012 have meant that the Ibrox klanbase has looked on as major silverware has been distributed among much older clubs in Scotland.

Consequently, there has been little on-field evidence to nourish their tragic delusions of Herrenvolk supremacy.

The forensic truth is that Sevco has yet to win any major honours in their brief history.

Moreover, the embarrassing events at the Tony Macaroni Arena on Sunday tend to underline that reality.

As well as not knowing that a fee of one million pounds is not an eight-figure sum, Mr Gerrard was perhaps a rather off script in the post-match presser.

The main objective for the Sevco High Command during this transfer window has been Operation Sell Morelos.

Therefore, the confected narrative is that there are many clubs interested in the Colombian striker.

The figures being leaked to the usual suspects in the Stenography Corps are amazingly similar to the hole in the annual accounts.

Although I’m sure that Mr Gerard doesn’t want to lose the player there are chaps in the Blue Room who see things rather differently.

The next few days could be interesting however it plays out…

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