A grenade made in South Africa

I’m told that it is a commonly used technique in the courtrooms of South Africa.

If things do not seem to be going your way then throw in the Organised Crime grenade, up caps because it’s a thing there.

What it does is to stall the ongoing legal proceedings while the other, much more serious matter, is investigated.

Therefore, I’m inclined to believe that what Dave detonated in the Court of Session last week was fashioned south of the Limpopo.

What he has done is to shine a rather unfortunate light on everyone who was on the   6th floor of Hampden in the summer of 2012.

As the search function on this site will reveal, back then I was reporting that there was a dangerously low level of due diligence by the SFA on the founders of the new club at Ibrox.

Of course, there is a very sound reason why Dave might want to delay the Takeover Panel Case.

Quite simply, he might not have the £19m to put into any account anywhere.

A well-placed source with a keen understanding of the situation told me earlier today that the King family trust probably has around $40m (USD) tied up in various ways.

He seriously doubted that the King empire could access £19m (STG) in liquidity that quickly.

Moreover, everyone in the family trust must be in agreement to any major course of action.

Meanwhile, back at the stadium that John Brown played for Mr Gerrard is on a steep learning curve.

I think he now realises that anything that he agrees with the Director of Fantasy and the Serious Professional doesn’t really matter.

Mr King can just rip that up in a moment.

Indeed, I’m told that he already has on at least one occasion.

If my information is correct then that is the genesis of Gerrard’s recent outburst about being prepared to “fall out with people” apropos holding onto Alfredo Morelos during the January window.

Young Master Steven has much to learn about the ways of the world.

Whether or not major Sevco players are sold in early January will, in part, depend on what borrowing the basket of assets can access before then.

The Conveyancing Consigliere and the Serious Professional are being dispatched this week to seek out new sources of external finance.

You will recall that in February this year they borrowed £3m from Close Brothers.

At the time it was dressed up as an “overdraft” dispute the fact that it was no such thing.

This nonsense could be stated in the presser because the Sevco High Command knew that there would be no difficult questions from the Stenography Corps.

My information is that this dynamic duo has been told to access as much as £10m if they can.

Undoubtedly that is the worst case scenario if they are not able to sell a major player or two in January.

You may recall that in the 2017 accounts they stated that they would need £4.5m.

That October they brought in £2.9m.

Then there was a Stateside loan of £1m in December/January and another £1m shortly after that originating in the Far East.

Add that to the £3m from Close Brothers and that is £7.9m in total.

Considerably more than the £4.5 they said they would need back then.

Therefore, if the upper sum required is as much as £10m then that would in keeping with the year on year trend.

The hole is getting bigger and as of February this year no one in the Blue Room was prepared to sign cheques any more.

It would be foolish to dismiss the possibility that Mr King could find another investor to bankroll Sevco for another while.

He seems to have the ability to get otherwise shrewd business people to piss away millions in return for nothing but grief.

Meanwhile, the device Mr King detonated in Edinburgh last week should have the journalists in Scotland asking very serious questions of those who govern the national game.

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