What Dave needs from Santa as the plot quickens

At the end of Dave’s big week, he didn’t disappoint.

Like binge-watching a series on Netflix it built up to a crescendo.

Organised crime?

Of course, serious allegations require serious evidence.

However, given the seriousness of the allegation, I’m sure that the world-class administrators at Hampden will want a word with Mr King.

Moreover, this was not some ill-judged remark during an interview.

This was stated in open court as part of his sworn evidence.

It will be interesting to see what, if any, interest this generates on the tabloid sports desks.

If Mr King was being truthful (I know, I know) then the story will start when the club was founded in 2012.

Of course, that is something else that the chaps on the sports desks will want to gloss over.

You see dear reader they need to pretend that the original Rangers did not die that wonderful summer.

Despite the initial clarity on their front pages they quickly got into the denial business.


Now, Mr King has some work to do to keep on the right side of the law in Fair Caledonia.

A hat tip to the chaps at Scottish Football Monitor for being in the Court of Session to witness the proceedings.

They’re an excellent example of citizen journalism at its best.

Now, the next series of Sevco will open in two weeks and it has been teed up beautifully.

So, Mr King must appoint a cash confirmer by the 14th of this month.

He must also appoint a legal advisor who is familiar with the Takeover code on the same day.

Then the funds must be cleared to be in place in the UK by January 11th.

An offer has to be made by the 25th of January.

Mr King will be in front of Lady Wolffe on February 4th.

Like all good thrillers the writing must put a question into the heads of the viewer:

“How is he going to get out of that?”

At this point, Dave could really do with a deus ex machina from Santa.

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