Big Mike hits Sevco for six!

General Ashley wanted the unvarnished truth from his legal top gun as he came into the watering hole adjacent to the High Court.

Apparently, the learned chap was a cricket aficionado   and explained the proceedings as “that was like hitting six sixes at Lords in your first test match!”

That was good enough for Big Mike.

I’m told that Sevco agreed to the first two injunctions, perhaps in the hoop that they would not be imposed.

However, Mr Justice Teare imposed them anyway.

I’m told that it is the third injunction that inflicts the most hurt on the Sevco High Command.

My information is that this morning someone from JD Sports called a senior functionary at the basket of assets.

It was essentially to say that the game was up and that if they sold anything in the s=future it would only be with the approval of Sports Direct.

The chat around Argyle House today was that a scapegoat would have to be found to pay for this expensive own goal.

Less than one hour ago I spoke to a well-placed source at Shirebrook.

It was very instructive.

Let’s just say he was in a buoyant mood.

My take way was that anything that Sevco made from the online car boot sale will have to be paid back to Big Mike.

Then there are the legal fees and damages.

The latter figure will, I am told, be at least £1m, but Ashley will be going for more.

Much more…

Now, I’m sure that the good folk at Hummel are delighted with their new relationship at Ibrox.

Moreover, I don’t think they should be in anyway concerned that Big Mike will be thinking of taking them to court over this matter.

For the avoidance of doubt, this damaging saga is entirely self-inflicted.

The last chance for the Sevco High Command was last summer.

Instead, they opted for the online car boot sale in September.

It was the old Herrenvolk Hubris of Ibrox that rules are for everyone else.

The car boot sale provided short-term revenue for the Sevco High Command, but it was always going to end up at this juncture with a total victory for Ashley.

The Elite Sports move came as a huge surprise to several senior functionaries in the Sevco High Command.

Lord Impecunious has kept it very tight indeed.

Only the Conveyancing Consigliere was really in the know about it.

One should not underestimate the reputational damage to the Ibrox brand within the commercial world from this court case.

This screams that the Sevco High Command cannot be trusted to honour contracts that they have freely entered into.

Contrary to off the radar rumours General Ashley still has his tanks on Edmiston Drive.

As this saga inexorably plays out some of the Stenography Corps might need a hug.

Fortunately, Big Mike can help.


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