Spare a thought for the beseeching stenographer

I was simultaneously intrigued and saddened yesterday to learn of a recent interaction between a Glasgow based sports journalist and a PR professional.

After a period of reflection, I think it is worth passing on because it says so much about the Fitba Fourth Estate.

The journalist called the PR chap and asked him the following question:

“Are you telling us the truth about what is going on? Is everything ok there? I mean ok financially?”

Dear reader, think for a moment about the professional relationship that caused the journalist to be seeking reassurance from a PR person.

It probably never occurred to the journalist in question (I know his identity) to consider seeking out independent sources of information on the football club in question.

Of course, that is a lot of hard work. It takes time to acquire reliable sources and develop a level of trust so that they are sure that you will protect them.

Source protection is more important to me that getting a scoop.

For example, I only publish a small fraction of the information that is shared with me.

If I was less careful then the identities of those sources could become comprised.

For the avoidance of doubt, relying on PR professionals as sources does not fit my working definition of journalism.

Here is the view of Professor Roy Greenslade on the Daily Radar and their relationship with Ibrox.

Sadly, the mindset that breathlessly gushed about a benefactor billionaire is still extant in the Fitba Fourth Estate.

That is why I think that this most recent vignette of compliant stenography on matters Ibrox is worth passing on

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