Transfer strife at Sevco

It is always a story when the football club has to “dive into the transfer market” at the last minute.

However, what happened to Sevco in the 24 hours immediately before their match against Villa Real rather put a new meaning on that phrase.

It really is beyond parody.

Today, a reliable source unearthed me from the Word Mines.

He told me that he wanted to fill me in…

And I thought we were close!

He told me that the new retail wheeze undertaken by Sevco will almost certainly result in another court case.

For the avoidance of doubt, the new outlet has been arranged without the agreement of Sports Direct.

General Ashley’s people have communicated to the Sevco High Command that if they want out of the current deal then it will cost them £4m.

Moreover, that doesn’t include the price for the unsold stock and the recent legal bill.

It is almost as if the folk at Sevco simply don’t care.

It’s really bizarre.

As of Tuesday morning, Big Mike was getting his best legal people to prepare a case on this one.

Therefore, JD Sports were well advised to turn down Sevco’s offer to come in on this enterprise.

Quite simply, they didn’t want to cross Big Mike.

Meanwhile, the long-suffering auditors at Campbell Dallas are looking at major holes and a sea of red ink.

Last year it was NOAL, but impecuniosity did for that ruse in open court.

Now Mr King will need another conjurer’s flourish this year.

Of course, none of this matters to the klan.

Mr Gerrard has made a decent fist of his first stint in management so far.

The European revenue is of huge assistance in paying the bills, but this has been achieved through substantial overspending.

Until the financial buffers are impacted then the foregoing will be of little importance to them.

The rest of us have seen this Ibrox movie before.

We know how it ends.

Now, I have another chapter to finish…

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