Heated Driveway Delays could cost Celtic a lot this season

Tonight Celtic will compete in a competition that they really do not want to be in at this stage of the season.

However, another European stumble would be a genuine crisis at Parkhead.

The current malaise afflicting the seven in a row champions probably started last January.

Clearly, the plan was to get in an experienced centre-half to cover for the absence of Boyata and Lustig at the World Cup.

Of course, the Compper experiment has proven to be an unmitigated disaster.

As with most such catastrophes, it often results from apparent lack of a Plan B.

I was told yesterday that Fabian Schär was also available in that January window, but that Brendan wanted Marvin instead.

Therefore, that one cannot be laid at the door of Heated Driveway Acquisitions.

I also learned yesterday that Rodgers tried to save the John McGinn deal at the 11th hour.

Moreover, he did so with the full authorisation of Dermot Desmond.

However, by that time the Hibs midfielder had been told by Steve Bruce that he would be the main man in the Villa engine room.

In all honesty, it wasn’t a promise that Rodgers could match.

Part of this overall recruitment clusterfuck is that Celtic have been blindsided by the price inflation in the English leagues.

A less charitable soul could point out that exorbitant prices for players in England really should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Yesterday a  well-placed source told me that Celtic’s smartest guy in the room was irked at my editorialising apropos his appalling negotiating performance during this transfer window.

However, I’m sure that isn’t the case.

What is undeniable is that the Parkhead club is scrambling to get deals done that should have been completed during the pre-season phase.

Eleventh-hour brinkmanship is all very well as long as the player is signed.

I understand that Celtic did recently ask about two defenders in the Championship and they were quoted prices in the £7-9m for each of them.

Celtic also asked about Liam Moore at Reading.

Unfortunately, it was a case of talking would start at £12.5m!

England is clearly a football market that should be sold to and not bought from if at all possible.

Across the Clyde everything available has been thrown at this league campaign.

In sport, momentum is everything and the McGinn debacle and the defeat to Hearts has given the six-year-old club hope that they can stop eight in a row.

It would be redolent of Heated Driveway Complacency to write off their chances.

The people who do the sums at Sevco know that Europa League group stages revenue is essential to keep the losses down to below the level of catastrophic.

However, Mr Gerrard has let them know that he doesn’t think that they have the depth of squad to cope with such a schedule.

For the first time since he walked through the door at Celtic Park Brendan Rodgers is now under pressure to deliver.

The match tonight against FK Suduva now has an importance that it really shouldn’t have.

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