Delay, deflect and retaliate

As recently reported here Mr King has previous for delaying and deflecting.

Today Mr King’s QC asked a question, a point of law.

It will take time to provide an answer.

Therefore, the case was postponed until October.

Job done.

As for the putative share issue, the figure of £12.6m just might allow those highly competent chaps in Campbell Dallas to sign off on the RIFC annual accounts.

Last year it was the promise of funds from NOAL that allowed them to state that the basket of assets would remain afloat in the coming year.

Of course, those monies did not appear.

Instead, a heavily secured loan of £3m from Close Brothers this February provided the necessary external finance.

I’m told that they are watching the situation at Sevco very closely indeed.

When he is not delaying or deflecting Mr King can retaliate with unnerving speed.

I’m hearing that on Saturday one of his Blue Room brethren handed a rather stiff letter to his esteemed chairman.

Apparently, the gist of the missive was that resignations had to be accepted and outstanding loans had to be paid back without delay!

Instead of dealing with the terms of the letter Mr King decided to retaliate with his own dignified fiat.

On Monday, I understand that one of the directors involved received a formal letter from the basket of assets.

It called into question his competency apropos the signing of Poor Pedro.

Of course, Mr King was not in any way involved in the hiring of the likeable Portuguese spoofer.

I recall that I mentioned at the time that his hands-off approach to that personnel decision might come in handy.

Meanwhile, spare a thought for those nice poor folk at Hummel.

The British government might deny that they are stockpiling stuff for Brexit.

However, the unfortunate kit supplier cannot avoid the realisation that they currently have a warehouse full of Sevco stuff that they cannot sell.

I had reported recently that Mr King was of a mind to pick another fight with General Ashley.

For those who doubted my reportage then I only need to point them to the fact that the Sports Direct signage was taken down at Ibrox at the weekend.

My information is that the folk at Shirebrook were not consulted about this apparent breach of contract.

It would be highly unfortunate if this matter were to go to court.

Which is where we started today…

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