On balance it has to be Celtic

One of the more moronic shibboleths currently espoused by the Stenographer Corps on Planet Fitba is that “balance sheets do not win football matches”.

That is clumsily deployed to deflect the Ibrox klanbase away from the glaring disparity in financial health between Celtic and the basket of assets.

Yesterday Dafabet announced that they will be involved with Scotland’s biggest club for the next seven years.

Meanwhile, across the Clyde, the corporate carnage continues.

My offering yesterday on the capitulation by the Sevco High Command to General Ashley’s legal forces really is worth a careful read.

Indeed, the Blue Room chaps cannot even manage to offload players other than by paying them off.

I’m told that Senhor Fábio Rafael Rodrigues Cardoso has left the building with a £750k package.

He got £250k of that upfront and there are tranches due through until next summer when the remaining £500k will be paid up in full.

I wish him well with that.

Meanwhile Celtic go about their business quietly and efficiently.

Many a slip between cup and lip appears apposite at this time of year for any football club.

As of yesterday, I was told from a well-placed source that Celtic were tracking seven players in the hope of signing three of them.

In an ideal world, they would already be training at Lennoxtown.

Of course, balance sheets do not win football matches, but the richest club in the league usually prevails over the course of a campaign.

It is almost as if having lots and lots more money than your opponent confers some sort of sporting advantage.

Unlike deceased Rangers, the financial muscle that Celtic is now flexing was acquired by fair means and that is something that gnaws at the Stenography Corps.