False flags and training tops

Plugging leaks is a vital part of any professional PR operation.

If they cannot do that then it is almost impossible to control the narrative for the client.

Remember dear reader this is isn’t personal, it’s strictly business.

Therefore, I was not surprised to learn this morning that the Sevco High Command had carpeted their Inter-Galactic PR guru.

Apparently, he has to shape up.

I think that’s harsh, as he is already a shape.

Spherical is a shape.

Essentially he was told that the leaks have to stop!

I’m told he was dispatched with a mission to lay down a false story that would reveal the source of the leak.

Now, that only works if the target of the operation is not aware of it.

Oh dear…

It will be mildly amusing to see what this well-rounded chap attempts.

I note that the basket of assets prevailed last night in Croatia.

That’s the first away victory in European competition for the club that was formed in 2012.

It appears to have been fairly plain sailing for the Engine Room Subsidiary.

Indeed, Sevco appears to have treated it as something of a training exercise, which would explain their apparel.

Hummel must be delighted with their decision to join forces with such an illustrious brand.

No, really…

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