A telesales conference at Sevco

The regular meeting of the Sevco High Command was rather poorly attended today.

Apart from the Serious Professional, there were only two other chaps in the room.

The convict chairman dialled in and he only really wanted to know about the season ticket sales.

One other director attended the meeting remotely.

Of course, Mr King’s preoccupation with season ticket sales is entirely understandable.

Indeed, everything that has happened at the basket of assets since the 4-0 cup semi-final defeat to Celtic has been about season ticket sales.

The more that are sold means that the funding shortfall will be reduced, if not eradicated.

Acquiring the services of Mr Gerrard was a classic King manoeuvre in the wake of that defeat at the national stadium.

It was an impulse purchase to enthuse The People with hope.

In fairness, it has worked in spades.

However, Mr Gerrard does require to be financially backed, but the financial hole is being dug deeper with every passing month.

Most of Pedro’s boys are still on the payroll, but others are being added to the wage bill.

I have been told that a certain inert-galactic PR guru has warned the Stenography Corps not to seek out interviews with Mr Paul Murray and Mr Barry Scott.

The real reasons for their unexpected departures would make for an excellent story.

However, there are rules, very succulent rules.

Mr King recently expressed his displeasure to his PR guru about the fact that spotlight was shone on Mr Gerrard’s lack of formal coaching qualifications.

The inconvenient fact is that the convict chairman had not checked up on this important matter.

Another issue for Sevco is the catering operation at Auchenhowie.

When pre-season training commences will there be one less World Class Breakfast?

39 thoughts on “A telesales conference at Sevco”

  1. Lets be generous and assume the £29m turnover has a 20% uplift due to the Gerrard impact, that takes us to £35m.he
    £3m to Brighton, £4m to Close Bros.
    Oops, £28m in the kitty, running costs £3m plus per month. The maths are easy.
    Doesn’t help when your new signing is ‘jetting in’, rather than just flying in like ordinary people.

  2. How does the Scottish media get away with printing the daily shit that they churn out.
    Micky Mellon, former manager of a former club which Goldson played for, comparing him to the £100k per week John Stones!
    It’s pure attention seeking, as if including Stones with his huge salary in a paragraph about Goldson, makes them equals.
    What next, the Liverpool loanee as the new Messi?
    Have they already forgotten the hoo hah around the signing of Alves, a complete disaster and still a year left on his hefty contract.
    Or Tavernier’s spouting about doing a treble last season without any substance to back it up.
    The bookies have Celtic at 10 to 1 on to lift an 8th consecutive title, despite the Stevie G revolution.
    They seldom get it wrong.

    1. Don’t forget how Monsiuer Barton was going to own Scott Brown and Stroll the SPL.

      They are just like the goldfish in my wee pond. Gazing out and asking “who are you?” ….Before swimming around once and asking “who are you?” Then endlessly repeating the same motion.

      Oh…They are thick and orange as well!

      The numbers just don’t stack up. DCK must be desperate to attract some genuine income – it will not come – not in the form of real investment anyway. The upfront sales on everything from seats to parking smacks of shear desperation. What next? A season ticket for pies and tea?

      There will be virtually no match day income on a month to month basis to top up the coffers. The revenue from their inevitably short run in the Europa qualifiers will bring in very little once the logistical costs have been deducted.

      As Phil says…. Everything is always rosy in Govania……. Until football has to be played that is!

  3. Billy Carlin, I suspect eavesdropping on a conversation between yourself and Jonnyhibs would be akin to watching, in full 3D, a nightmare in a damaged brain!

    1. Do we want to have the hoops besmirched by association with that auld scrounger and unelected head of state who rules by an accident of birth? I certainly don’t!

  4. King appears to be carrying on regardless of all the obstacles. Everything appears to have gone his way recently with record season ticket sales, resignation of Gary Hughes, European licence for next season granted and no word from the takeover panel. You can well understand the big grin on his face as we all wait for a meltdown.

  5. If the Takeover Panel does not sanction Dave King over the share offer would this not create “case law” for future cases, in that anyone in the future could refuse to make a share offer on the basis that King did not make one and action was not taken against him?

  6. The expectation of Club1872 to sink another £1m is interesting.

    Personally I think that Club1872 should hold on to their cash and save up some more.

    There will be another opportunity for a Charles Green type asset strip when this incarnation hits the skids and it would be a crying shame if there was no significant independent fans fund at that time to offer an alternative.

  7. Club 1872 begging fans to further ‘invest’ in the club and season ticket parking only, instead of game by game, payable up front for those wishing to use the world class car parks.
    One might think that the financial situation isn’t in the best of health.
    Stevie G has replaced most of the backroom staff with his own guys. I doubt if they have moved north for less money and, of course, pay offs will be required for those being shown the door.
    Pity it’s not so easy to remove Pena, Herrera, Alves, Halliday, Docherty, Jack, Dorrans, Cardoso, MOH,Holt, Rossiter et al from the monthly payroll.
    £29m turnover reported in the last audited accounts, running costs £3m per month and that was before Pedro added his picks to the payroll.
    Not to worry. King is now the bank of last resort and we know that his word is his bond.
    Is Ibrox the only major football ground in the UK without WIFI access and, if so, why?

  8. Jonnyhibs – Your “Edimbra Law Lord” should also have known and told you that the South African Stock Exchange and ALL Stock Exchanges and the entire financial system are run and controlled from the City of London on behalf of the Crown – which is NOT what most people think it is and is in FACT the Vatican. That is why the City of London is NOT part of the UK and the District of Columbia in Washington is NOT part of the US just as the Vatican is NOT part of Italy.

    That is why King has transfered his shares in his companies over to his daughter because he knows that the financial system is integrated all over the world – why would he bother doing this if he thought he was safe in South Africa because he is not. In the legal system it takes a long time to do anything and just because nothing seems to be happening does not mean that there isn’t – the legal system all over the world is also run and controlled from the City of London as is all the secret societies on behalf of that same Crown – the Vatican. So King is being very very stupid if he thinks that he can get away with thumbing his nose at all of them.

      1. Kingsnake – No it is NOT a piss take. I don’t say anything unless I can back it with EVIDENCE. All you have to do is Google Three City States Rule The World and plenty of videos on Youtube exposing it as well. It is all to do with the Vatican’s Cestui Que Vie Trusts that they set up in the early 1300’s onwards. The Queen is the Vatican’s Treasurer for the Roman/British Empire that includes the US and the Rothschilds are the Vaticans Bankers. Every single person on this planet is being traded on the Stock Exchange and have secret Cestui Que Vie Trusts worth £BILLIONS that these people keep to themselves. Every single penny of Tax, Fines, Registrations etc also goes to these people to pay back the “loans” that they NEVER gave a penny of to our Governments in the first place. ALL Countries, Governments, Political Parties, Courts, Councils etc etc are all just CORPORATIONS in this SCAM Bonded SLAVE System.

        Good news is this entire system was Foreclosed (SHUT DOWN) in 2012/13 – that is why the Pope resigned that year and the new one will also be resigning soon. UCC Lawyers/Bankers of the One Peoples Public Trust Foreclosed this system and there is a Court case in the US exposing all of this and the FACT that every single person on this planet has these Cestui Que Vie Trusts/Federal Reserve Deposit Accounts worth £BILLIONS and the FACT that this Bonded SLAVE System has been SHUT DOWN. I am also using this in my ATOS Appeal which is in the Upper Courts just now using the legal documents PROVING it all so not just making it up – of course the Courts are trying to just simply IGNORE this EVIDENCE because it is proving that they and the government are taking part in a Bonded SLAVE System that has been shut down and they are not telling the people any of this. Every single Scottish MP, MSP and Local Councillor has been given Notice that they are taking part in Fraud, Deception and TREASON against the people because they are taking part in all of this. I will be exposing all of this on my site soon that you will find by just Googling my name and Paisley. You can also find any of what I have been saying by Googling it as well – Your soul is owned by the Vatican Santos Bonacci is an excellent start.

    1. I suspect eavesdropping on a conversation between yourself and Jonnyhibs would be akin to watching, in full 3D a nightmare in a damaged brain!

  9. Fans appear still to be on board with trust in abundance in Stevie G and Mark Allen.
    Defoe, MacBurnie, Solanke, all names still being bandied about to vie with the £12m petted lip Colombian to lead the line.
    Apparently Cummings has departed the scene and, quietly, slipped back to Forest reserves.
    Despite the media reporting a 2nd/3rd final bid being accepted for Goldson early last week he’s still not sat down at Murray Park with his new team mates to enjoy the world class breakfasts.
    Have Brighton been further exposed to transfer negotiations the Newco way?
    Is this why the Brighton superstar’s move north is being dragged out.
    One of Stevie G’s must haves, yet negotiations have been going on for more than a month?

  10. In the last week you arcaware of the goings on in the the RFC boardroom, UEFA and an alleged 2 way conversation between SG and DCK, why are you not employed or utilised by any MSM media medium? Best contacts in the country

  11. In the last week you arcaware of the goings on in the the RFC boardroom, UEFA and an alleged 2 way conversation between SG and DCK, why are you not employed or utilised by any MSM media medium? Best contacts in the country

  12. The usual bollocks

    Notice you are now saying the shortfall could be eradicated

    Real story is Murray and Scott’s departure

    But PR guru blocking it

    Nod nod wink wink I know

    Well crusading investigate journalist

    Break the story.

    Your full of shite mate

    Ps you’ve got my e mail address you can have go back

    1. Tom, you should read the blog again and see if you can understand what Phil is saying. If at first you don’t succeed. …….

      Better still, get someone to read and interpret it for you.

  13. I agree that more ST sales will eat into the deficit that the club runs at, but would disagree with your statement that the shortfall could be eradicated. Even if they sold every single seat out – 49k – tbey would still be at a decent deficit. So long as they continue to run the operation on a delusional importance scale they will be burning money.

  14. today it was revealed that sevco announced no more game by game parking, that instead a season ticket can be purchased for around £240. Now, is there anything left to sell,1872 have been given a week to make an offer for “shares” could not afford skirtel’wages, goldson…. every penny the deluded sink into that cesspit is a penny less sunk in by the gasl, i think now with his bombast he has nothing left, the wagon’s have been circled stevie gee is a modern custer, and the endgame has begun.

  15. King is a South African Citizen… End of sanctions. Full stop. They canny dae nothing tae him That’s why he’s there. unless he comes back to castlemilk. Who would want to come back to milky.. No him. End of story. Told to me by an Edimbra law lord no less.

  16. Phil. I know you need to be careful apropos libel laws etc., but can you shed any more detailed light on the Murray-Scott departures? Fully understand if not though.

  17. Phil , Can you not use you union ticket to inquire what the Take over Panel are doing with regards sanctions to The Lying King.
    Surely a Journalist asking questions as to where they stand, and what the state of play is with regard his ignoring their rules, is not beyond reasonable? Surely they are aware, that unless he is hammered for breaking the rules, they would be seen as toothless, and thus anyone who wants to flout the laws will do so with impunity.
    While you are at it, you could ask the court of session why they are not calling on The Lying King for contempt of court as he has also ignored their ruling.

    1. Jim,

      One hundred percent on the button, being as I am a total novice with regards corporate finance (any finance to be honest) I have been wondering how much weight if any the TP actually have. Reading the many blogs and forums I have been expecting that this was the route that would eventually put a halt to the circus that is Dave King and mysterious associates.

      Placing aside Phil and his strange compulsion to check facts and report actual news perhaps there are a few of the many knowledgeable and financially astute co readers of this excellent blog that can shine some light on the TP reticense to push forward with their or what we believe are sanctions.

      Yours in eternal hope we can repair and rebuild the charade that we know as Scottish football.

      Jazza HH

      1. The much anticipated “Cold Shoulder” is an extreme sanction, for a roundabout reason. It basically forbids anyone subject to the ruling from being involved in any action regulated by Section 9 of the Takeover Code. Under the letter of the law this shouldn’t concern King, as he clearly doesn’t want to purchase more shares.
        His concern should be with the City. Companies dealing with the Financial Conduct Authority know they have it pretty easy compared to other jurisdictions. They are allowed to self-regulate to some extent instead of having direct oversight at each stage of operation. In short, they are VERY sensitive to anything that might threaten this independence, and effectively blackball those that don’t comply. I’m not a member of the Sevco board so I can only speculate, but the resignations of Paul Murray and Barry Scott – both chartered accountants – suggest they don’t think the TOP make idle threats.

    2. Jim, I sent a fairly lengthy but succinct e-mail to the TOP detailing exactly what you are saying and a wee bit more.
      I indicated that their apparent inaction has increased their levels of entitlement exponentially. Dave the GASL is being deified as we speak.
      I finished by comparing King to large pus filled boil and urged them lo lance him for the sake of all Scottish football.
      The response yesterday was of the automated kind. I had expected some discussion, silly me.
      Your suggestion re Phil making an approach sounds much better.
      Good post though.

  18. I feel foolish for even bringing it up but…Careful….the less mouths at the dinner..the more your “confident diner is exposed….”

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