Why grumbling about a victory tells a greater truth

I think it is indicative of the extent of Celtic’s domestic dominance is that the sound today from their supporters is mainly plaintive in nature.

The Parkhead side is now one victory away from 7 in a row.

Next up is a Scottish Cup semi-final against Sevco.

It was the same fixture in 2016 that gave the six-year-old club their greatest moment.

Unfortunately, the Blue Room contingent overdid the Unsurpassed Dignity within earshot of Dermot Desmond.

It proved to be a tragic mistake by the Sevco High Command.

Brendan Rodgers in the home dugout at Celtic Park was the Dubliner’s decisive response.

You know the rest.

Before the Irishman’s charges line out at Hampden next weekend there will be a few major decisions to be made.

Bain V Gordon.

Forrest V Roberts

Dembélé V Griffiths.

I think it is fair to say that young Master Murts will not have to agonise as to which full international to leave out of the squad for the semi-final.

Of course, Scott Brown is central in every sense to what Celtic achieve on the field.

Sadly, over the coming week, the Stenography Corps will feed the People a steady diet of hope.

I suppose that, in a sense, it was they are there for.

It certainly isn’t to hold power to account.

Soothing The People is their raison d’être.

That is why in November 2010 the Ibrox customer base was regaled with tales of Craig Whyte the billionaire bear.

My readers knew the truth just a few weeks after Mr Whyte had parted with his pound.

Since I first started reporting on matters Ibrox a decade ago there have been several PR companies who have served the interest of those in the Blue Room.

The efforts of all of these spin merchants I the end came to nought.

One ward winning chap at the Daily Radar did confess that “we were told to call him a billionaire”.

Told by whom?

Sometimes the truth on this site became too much for the Blue Room chaps to endure.

They had to seek to directly sooth their customer base.

You can read of the background to that here.

This led to one of my favourite headlines of the past ten years.

You can read it on the blog archive here.

In the Murray years, the succulent lamb was always on the menu for the most obedient in the press box.

However, precious little by way of inducements were needed as many were enthusiastic shills from the get-go.

It was clear to me that there as a need for an independent journalist on this beat.

That is why the same month as the Daily Radar was gushing about the huge wealth of Craig Whyte I was doing this.

A few weeks later the Guardian asked me to write about the Dallas story.

For the avoidance of doubt, such a mainstream commission would never happen in Fair Caledonia.

It might be a Fenian thing…

Despite the grumbles of the Celtic support today they are now living through an era of Fitba unipolarity.

They have witnessed the death of Rangers and the shambolic first years of Sevco.

Moreover, they now have an alternative to the dignified sports desks.

As the “Resolution 12” report is ticking away at Hampden the Jim Farry days are fading into the distance.

Back of the bus no more…

Indeed, just today a Dallas sent off an opposing player for an off the ball incident on Kieran Tierney.

The playing surface at the national stadium will be much better than the one at New Douglas Park today.

All that is required is that it is level and Celtic should prevail.

If Celtic properly turn up at Hampden then only Honest Mistakes of biblical proportions will prevent another cup final appearance for the Hoops.

Musn’t grumble…

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