Pedro Day

Today one year ago today Senhor Pedro Miguel Faria Caixinha was…ahem…unveiled at Ibrox as the new manager of Sevco.

You can see the presser here.

He would be gone by the October.

If football is part of the entertainment business then this was a masterstroke.

Pedro’s reign of error provided great pleasure to thousands of football fans in Scotland.

Aberdeen fans, Celtic fans, Motherwell fans.

You get the idea.

Then in his one and only European campaign with Sevco he met with little Progrès.

The NHS in Scotland were stretched to the limit as sides were split due to uncontrollable laughter.

By then the Sevco High Command had bet the farm on Pedro getting them to the Group Stages of the Europa League.

The need for them to go to Close brothers for a heavily secured loan can be located in Pedro’s calamitous time at Ibrox.

In pressers, the likeable Portuguese spoofer was box office.

It was all about caravans, dogs and all manner of gobshitery.

His team on the pitch was even funnier.

One year ago today the stenographers were in raptures that Sevco had signed the new Mourinho.

There was breathless shite about “Tactical Periodisation”.

The Daily Radar even did a wee cartoon so that The People could follow what was happening.

Not since they told us about the billionaire Craig Whyte has the Stenography Corps got it so badly wrong about anything at Ibrox.

Pedro’s influence can still be felt at the stadium that John Brown played for.

When Moussa Dembélé effortlessly rolled Fábio Rafael Rodrigues Cardoso on Sunday the aged Bruno Alves (currently the highest paid player in Scotland) looked on helplessly.

It was this Caixinha central defensive pairing that saw out the match for Sevco.

The players that Pedro brought in from his home country and the Americas are on good deals and will be difficult to shift.

The Sevco High Command tried to do this in the January window, but they could only loan out Carlos Alberto Peña Rodríguez at a fraction of his bloated salary.

Those burdens on the wage bill continue to contribute to the cash flow crisis at Ibrox.

So on this day, we should remember him.

Muito obrigado!

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