The asterisk association get their Real Rangers Man

Just one hour before the only club in Scotland still remaining in European competition was about to take the field in the Europa League the announcement was made.

Mr Alexander McLeish EBT was to be the new Scotland manager.


Of course, he had previously been in that post from 29 January 2007 and resigned in the November of that year for the sunnier climes of Birmingham.

He will know that he probably isn’t the first choice of the remaining chaps in on the 6th floor at Hampden.

I think it is fair to say that across the varied tribes of Planet Fitba the Scottish Football Association is not currently held in high regard.

Perhaps, those of a Hoops persuasion have more reason than most to suspect the motives of those who work on the 6th floor of Hampden.

In fact, I cannot think of another club that was similarly disadvantaged by the likes of the late Jim Farry.

You do not need to look too far into the workings of the SFA when you encounter a Real Rangers Man.

The late great Turnbull Hutton made it clear in the summer of 2012 that, as far as he was concerned, the law so the national game in Scotland was being bent out of shape to suit the Ibrox brand.

The young Scots on show at Celtic Park showed that McLeish has some talent to work with.

Forrest, McGregor and Tierney have their best years in front of them in colours of Scotland.

However, those lads work with a much better manager at their club than they will now have at international level.

That isn’t the fault of Mr McLeish.

It’s just the truth.

Now the asterisk association has an asterisk manager.

McLeish needed an EBT doped squad to compete with Celtic under Martin O’Neill and Gordon Strachan.

We know how that movie ended in 2012.

The Rangers tax scam was the biggest sporting scandal in the history of Scottish football and yet the legacy issues have yet to be dealt with.

Now the manager at the centre of the Ibrox EBT years is the manager of the Scotland national team.

That really does send a message.

Then there is the question of his abilities as a manager and how this appointment was handled.

After the Michael O’Neill debacle and the South American friendlies clusterfuck, all of this seems a bit second rate.

A bit Sevco…

Moreover, is McLeish only there in the Scotland job until another middling club in the English Midlands comes calling?

I watch my international football at the AVIVA in Dublin, but my club now supplies a substantial part of the national squad.

Therefore, I have a legitimate interest in how these things are conducted.

For example the proposed summer friendlies in South America.

Peter Lawwell has stated publicly that the first that Celtic knew of this was when it appeared in the media.

For me, that doesn’t point to any anti-Celtic corruption a la Jim Farry, more like Mr Bean in a blazer.


The guid folk o Planet Fitba deserve better.

They really do.

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