The insolvency event ducks are now in a row at Sevco

While The People sometimes might have nightmares about Celtic doing ten in a row it is another type of alignment that should immediately concern them.

I have just learned that late yesterday the Sevco High Command came to an agreement with an insolvency practitioner.

My information is that the agreed fee will not exceed £500k.

The insolvency event ducks are now in a row.

That said,  the chaps in the Blue Room have not yet reached for the administration button.

However, it is on the desk and ready to be pressed.

If the Sevco High Command were not considering administration as a cost-cutting strategy then they wouldn’t have sourced a potential administrator and agreed on a fee.

For the avoidance of doubt, I do not believe that the pro-King faction in the Blue Room is in favour of this course of action.

Of course, if my information is erroneous then a formal denial from the basket of assets will assuage any concerns that The People might now have.