Situation hilarious

Sevco play Dundee tonight and the away team will have a caretaker manager in the dugout.

Pedro Miguel Faria Caixinha was sacked on the 26th of last month.

I think it is fair to say that the likeable Portuguese chap was on managerial death row for a couple of weeks before that fateful day.

Therefore, the Sevco High Command has had around six weeks to identify a new manager.

Even before Pedro tendered his Warburton resignation there were moves to source a stop gap gaffer.

I understand that two Sevco directors approached Lord Cardigan to get his views on being a short-term solution to their managerial problems.

Let’s just say he exited rather swiftly from the conclave.

My information is that the ex-Rangers manager moved surprisingly fast for a man of almost 70 years of age.

Derek McInnes of Aberdeen made it quite clear at his presser today that he believed that his putative interest in the Sevco job had been a media campaign.

In other words, it was high-Level pish.

Of course, regular readers will not be surprised at this revelation.

I’m told that a certain inter-galactic PR guru was less than delighted yesterday at Mr Barry Ferguson EBT.

Apparently, the opinions of the ex-Clyde manager on the managerial debacle at Sevco were not welcome.

One of the strands in this saga is that the narrative is now becoming increasingly difficult to control.


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