This is how it feels to be Sevco.

For anyone on Planet Fitba who was paying attention 2012 was a momentous year.

Firstly there was the death of Rangers.

Then Charles of Normandy created Sevco Scotland Limited from the body parts of the dead club.

That set the scene for where we are now.

Now all of this should have been laid out by the Fitba Fourth estate.

However, because of their succulent lamb addiction, they found it easier to peddle the survival lie.

Consequently, because they think that they’re still watching Rangers (1872) this fabrication has led The People to experience half a decade of anguish and humiliation.

So, not all bad then…

If the home crowd at Ibrox would face up to the fact that they are watching a five-year-old football club with serious inbuilt problems then they might finally smell reality.

At the moment, it would appear that poor Pedro is on managerial death row.

Moreover, it would appear that the stenographers have received high-level clearance to go after him.

Probably the only thing keeping Pedro in situ is a lack of cash to pay him off.

So that would mean that, apart from unfortunate caretakers, three managers have been in the managerial hot seat since the creation of the club.

Super Salary, the Admirable Warburton and Pedro have all hit the wall of fan expectation.

Of course, the last two were appointees of the current Sevco regime.

The success of the Off Licence Putsch convinced The People that the glory days of old Rangers would return.

One year into their reign of error and Ronny Delia contrived to give them a beguiling glimmer of hope at Hampden.

The official Sevco party rather overdid the dignity on the day and an enraged Dermot Desmond hired Brendan Rodgers.

You know the rest.

On Sunday Sevco failed to win the long ball Olympics against Motherwell side that has been put together at very little cost.

As Chris Sutton cruelly observed after the match, it wouldn’t really be appropriate to be playing Tina Turner’s “simply the best” on the Sevco team bus after their defeat to Motherwell.

The year-end accounts, no matter who they are dressed up, will show a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank.

The number crunching folk that I have spoken to have stated to me that they would be amazed if the RIFC accounts do not contain a going concern warning.

Since March 2015 the survival of the Holding Company Vehicle has been down to the willingness of several directors to keep the lights on.

This season the Sevco High Command bet the farm on the revenue from the group stages of the Europa League.

Sadly there was little Progrès on that front.

They had built Pedro’s squad while having the Admirable Warburton’s chaps still on the payroll.

Consequently, that created the problem of a bloated squad that was simply unsustainable,

Now, Players have been offloaded, but little was brought in by way of transfer fees.

Barrie McKay, in particular, was sold at a distressed rate, much to the delight of his old boss Mark Warburton.

So what now for Sevco?

Well, the chaps in the Blue Room can either pay off Pedro and his staff or they can stick with him for a while longer.

A new guy would have the same squad and the same structural issues to contend with.

The Ibrox clientele wishes it were otherwise, but it isn’t and the pain of pretending it isn’t Sevco must be excruciating.

It is the culturally based sense of entitlement among The People that has skewered them since 2012.

For five years they’ve locked in denial that their club died.

It perished as they stood rubbernecking.

Their lack of awareness wasn’t helped by being fed award-winning shite about billionaires.

It largely comes down to the fact that The People simply cannot accept that they’re watching Sevco.

Meanwhile, across the city Celtic casts a long shadow.

There is no sign that the Rodgers Project is anything other than a mighty work in the early stages of development.

Off the field, Celtic are building up the club’s commercial strength.

There is something in the match day catering that they could improve up though.

If someone would come up with ice cream and jelly in schadenfreude flavour then I reckon they would make a fortune at Parkhead!

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