When the barking dogs are inside the caravan

I’m afraid we might be approaching endgame for this highly entertaining caravan.

Yesterday morning there was another outpouring of mutual recriminations at the holiday camp formerly known as Murray Park.

This time Pedro focused his ire on Messrs Dorrans and Hodson.

Ryan Jack was also on the receiving end of some harsh criticism.

The Poundland Mourinho stated that the Quintessentially British players were incapable of learning new tactical ways.

Then Mr Moderator snapped it was a Saipan moment an Auchenhowie.

Pedro reminded him of his advanced age for a footballer and that he didn’t think he had a full game in him anymore.

At that point, the veteran Sevco man stated that he had more in the tank than the expensive Mexican called Carlos.

The Briton also noted that it was the first time that the Central American had been early at training.

At this juncture, Mr Moderator offered a few harsh observations on the abilities of the coach and it degenerated into a blazing row.

This is a difficult narrative to control in the radar press.

An inter-galactic PR guru was witness to this rammy.

Not long after I’m told that he was quickly on Follow Follow disguised by a cunning alias.

Via that dignified message board, he told The People that one day it would all be rosy at Ibrox.

For the avoidance of doubt, Pedro and his backroom team signed on for three years.