Push comes to shove for one member of the Sevco High Command.

This Friday the Sevco High Command will be in a vital conclave.

As has been stated here passim the Holding Company Vehicle will need external finance this month.

My information is that the minimum amount required is £4m.

Moreover,  I’m told this injection of liquidity will get Sevco to approximately February 2018.

However, last week a senior director of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) made it clear that this time he had a maximum amount that he could contribute.

He told his Churchillian colleagues that the figure is £1m.

The director in question made it very clear to everyone within the Sevco High Command last week that is the most that he can pony up this time.

So, a non-negotiable one mill and that’s it.

Therefore, the others will have to contribute the other £3m.

This is rather significant because last year the director in question stumped up £1.9m of the £2.9m that was required in October 2016.

The other £1m was covered from five sources.

You may recall that the £2.9m was required so that the annual accounts could be signed off.

Since the Off Licence Putsch of March 2015, the director in question has contributed more in external finance than any other member of the Sevco High Command.

Apparently, he was told last week by the Chief Financial Officer of his own business that he could not continue to bail out the loss-making business at Edmiston Drive any longer.

So, £1m and not a penny more this time.

Of course, The People are very fortunate that Mr David Cunningham King is a man of great personal wealth and a deep affection for his beloved basket of assets.

Dave will come through.

I’m sure of it.

After all, Mr King always tells the truth.

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