Angry statements and unintended outcomes

I suspect that the law of unintended consequences might once more be in play at Sevco.

What started as a deflection tactic after a bad result could well have some unfortunate implications.

In the aftermath of the defeat to Neil Lennon’s men at Ibrox to order of the day was simple:

“Get the Irishman”.

Consequently, it was statement o clock for Sevco’s disgruntled clientele.

The objective of the high-Level spin was to make Lennon’s arm gesture the story of the match, rather than the fact Pedro’s guys had been pumped.

It took the Serious Professional yesterday to point out to a Club 1872 grandee that their ill-judged statement was probably actionable.

This came as something of a shock to the Club 1872 chap had been buoyed up by the favourable response to the edict on the message boards.

If the Serious Professional is correct in his lay assessment then those Quintessentially British chaps in the supporter organisation should pray that that Neil Francis Lennon is not of a litigious mind.

Indeed, I would not be surprised if the lawyers of Hibernian FC are at this moment forensically parsing this masterpiece of an own goal.

I really wouldn’t…