A Poundshop Mourinho

Training ground spats are nothing new in professional football.

It is a contact support, and the rewards for the young men taking part can be substantial.

Therefore, I was not surprised to hear that one of Senhor Caixinha’s Hispanic acquisitions left a Quintessentially British team mate in a heap yesterday.

What transpired after the full-blooded challenge was illumining though.

With the player still crumpled in agony Senhor Caixinha, who was refereeing the practice match, did not stop the game.

This was a releaser cue for the moderator for the Quintessentially British WhatsApp Sevco group to intervene on behalf of his countryman.

The Portuguese manager dismissed the complaints by saying that was the type of fighting spirit he was looking for.

The Sevco player snapped when he heard this.

He then made the observation that the ex- Al-Gharafa supremo was a “Poundshop Mourinho” and was a total imposter.

My information is that he was supported in his rant by several of the Sevco old boys.

Senhor Caixinha then spoke to the tackler in Spanish, and this seemed to have re-ignited the on-field dispute.

The Senior Professional came to Murray Park in the afternoon, and by that time the news of the training ground confrontation had reached his ears.

He raised the incident with the Portuguese Guardiola and received a similar answer.

Senhor Pedro Miguel Faria Caixinha informed the Senior Professional that they were in a war.

Well, I think he is correct on that one.

However, the battle lines might be on the home front.

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