The importance of being dignified

Oscar Wilde once famously observed that “Irony is wasted on the stupid”.

As regular readers here will be aware, Mr David Cunningham King had an important task allotted to him recently by the Sevco High Command.

That was to sell the fantasy that the Ashley deal was a great victory for the Holding Company Vehicle and, ipso facto, for The People.

Glib and shameless credit where it is due he delivered the script perfectly at the presser.

Praise is also due to the assembled stenographers who experienced a dignified rapture of unsurpassed proportions.

Consequently, they could only gasp in ecstasy rather than sound like working journalists.

Perhaps Mr King was so confident at the press conference because he was confident that he wouldn’t be asked a single difficult question.

Well, his confidence was justified!

However, Mr King couldn’t leave it at that.

He had to say more.

I am informed that several members of the Sevco High Command are less than delighted at his vainglorious disclosure of the need for an emergency loan in June.

This is not the sort of signal to send out during the transfer window.

If clubs are aware of a cash crisis at Sevco, then they will bide their time and then submit lowball offers for players.

That is especially unfortunate when those unwanted assets need to be sold for as much money as possible, just to address the growing deficit.

However, it his view on the validity of the titles that Celtic have won in recent years that really is box office.

There was a time, before the Off Licence Putsch, that Mr King did seem worried about Ten In A Row for the Hoops.

Now, this ten titles thingy doesn’t seem to be a problem.

If The People cannot see they are being played then there really is little hope for anyone socialised into that belief system.

Of course, denial would seem to be an integral part of the skillset for a “Real Rangers Man”.

Firstly, there is a denial about the events of the summer of 2012.

Now there is a denial that Celtic have won the last six titles in a row.

I suppose when the reality of a situation is so painful that this is a useful skill to have.

It was that psychic wound that Mr King is adept at prodding when he needs a particular reaction from The People.

Perhaps the South African based entrepreneur has a painting of an honest man in his Johannesburg attic…

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