Why Sevco might have to pick up the TAB for Dave

Spare a thought for Mr David Cunningham King.

I’m hearing that he had a terrible time trying to find a financial broker to assist him with this awful share offer business.

My information is that he had in-depth talks with four institutions regarding the order from the Takeover Appeal Board (Tab).

He also had preliminary discussions with another three brokerages.

Sadly he drew a blank with all of them.

As for the likely sanction in the Court of Session then I’m afraid we’re in the dark on this one.

It’s all rather unprecedented.

Does this share offer stuff matter for Sevco?

Well, the Serious Professional stated publicly that this was “a matter for Dave personally”.

However, the problem is that the outside world might not see it that way.

For example, I would be interested to know the views companies handling the credit card transactions for season ticket payments.

Also the Metro Bank folk.

Are they still comfortable being associated with Sevco after the TAB ruling?

For the avoidance of doubt, I have stated a very partisan view on this one.

Personally, want the South African based entrepreneur to remain at the head of the Holding Company Vehicle.

For me, he is the embodiment of Sevco and carries on the great work started in 2012 by Charles of Normandy.

Some say that Mr King makes the Ibrox brand increasingly toxic and that he is in danger of splitting the fan base.

I say that’s a price worth paying for all of that dignity and the 41 criminal convictions…


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