They need to talk about Dave

The last meeting of the Sevco High Command broke up in some disarray.

It would appear that Chairman King still has supporters in the Blue Room.

My information is that it was only a legally trained chap and a collector of folk songs who made pleas in mitigation for His Glibness.

However, I think it is fair to say that most of the RIFC board think that Mr King’s position is now untenable.

During that dignified conclave, the Serious Professional pointed out that Mr King was the first person in history to be taken to court for ignoring a decision of the UK Takeover Panel.

Pride and dignity…

It is the opinion of many in the Sevco High Command that each day King remains in situ he damages the Ibrox brand.

My own personal preference is that he stays in place.

I think Dave and Sevco were meant for each other…

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