The sad story of the unloved King

Here is something to be on the lookout for in the coming days.

A very well-placed source told me late last night that a high-Level narrative has been recently authorised.

It is that Mr David Cunningham King is an unvalued leader.

This yarn states that he has done his best, rescued the club he loved from the clutches of evil men.

Moreover, he has put his money in where others would not.

It is clear that The People should love him and yet and yet…

Obviously all of this is has the distinct aroma of shite.

It should be axiomatic for regular readers to conclude that Mr King uses Other People’s Money (OPM) for a headache.

Unlike his Blue Room colleagues, I do not believe that Dave is out of pocket on this two-year-old project.

After his recent conclave with the Sevco High Command don’t be surprised if he now has an exit strategy in place.

Part of that might well be to dissuade any shareholder from taking him up on the 20p offer that the Take Over Panel have ordered.

Therefore expect high-Level reportage that all of the current issues, like the retail deal, will magically go away sometime soon.

With that in mind read this Panglossian pish.

“A sensational summer deal could end the bitter dispute between Mike Ashley and Rangers over a branded merchandise contract which saw the club earn only seven pence for every £1 of goods sold by Ashley’s Sports Direct group.”

I’m sorry to be a contrarian, but my Shirebrook guy tells me that General Ashley is even more determined to have King’s head on a plate.

Big Mike has played a long game against King and his allies since the Off Licence Putsch of March 2015.

Now the South African based convicted criminal has few allies in the Blue Room.

The upcoming High Court case could deliver a knockout blow to the Holding Company Vehicle if Big Mike is victorious.

Therefore, it would be folly to think that General Ashley will now suddenly offer terms to a retreating enemy.

In the meantime, expect to see The People being softened up by high-Level puff pieces in the radar press about how their King across the water loves them so much.

It is actually all very sad…

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