Suspicious glances in the Blue Room

I think it is fair to say that the past week has been by far the most challenging for Mr David Cunningham King since the Off Licence Putsch two years ago.

My information is that he has been seeking the assistance of a member of the Sevco High Command to put up the money for a takeover bid.

Quite simply  Mr King wants this chap to put up the money for a takeover bid.

However, I think that the South African-based entrepreneur will find that he has missed that bus.

I’m sure that it will all be sorted out in a Quintessentially British fashion.

Just, Perfect and Regular.

The last week should have been a good one in PR terms for the Sevco High Command.

Instead, the Takeover Panel decision was game-changer.

Only the financially illiterate or those drunk on dignity will fail to see that.

Anyone I have spoken to within the Square Mile has told me that the Mr King’s position as RIFC chairman is utterly untenable.

They told me that if the “cold shouldering” sanction was applied then it would be difficult even for a bank to offer Sevco any basic facilities.

Of course, don’t expect to read anything like that in the Off The Radar media.

All things have their season, and that includes season tickets.

Renewal time isn’t that far away, and The People could probably do with another dose of dignity.

Therefore, I would not be surprised if Mr Barry Ferguson EBT was anointed as Poor Pedro’s éminence grise at the Engine Room Subsidiary.

It is financially vital that The People think that everything is going to be ok.

It isn’t.

Moreover, I am sure that Mr David Cunningham King would love to know the identity of the member of the Sevco High Command who ratted him out to the Takeover Panel guys.

You see dear reader someone cut a deal.

Smart move.

For the avoidance of doubt, I do know who gave Dave up.

However, my task here is not to assist the Sevco High Command.

I rather like the idea of them suspiciously glancing at one another during their dignified conclaves.

It would be a shame to ruin that…


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