Memories and liabilities

This time last week on Monday 6th of February 2017 the Admirable Warburton tendered his resignation.

He then took training for the rest of the week.

He’s a decent sort like that.

On Wednesday he wrote up his notes for the match programme so the copy could be filed to the printers on time.

However, the ex-City trader failed to mention in his homily to The People the small matter that he had resigned as manager!

On Friday he attended the normal weekly meeting of the Sevco High Command where his resignation was not discussed or even mentioned.

He then met the local media in a routine pre-match presser, once more his resignation appeared to have slipped his mind.

He then joined his second in command Mr David Weir on the training ground at Murray Park.

I don’t know if the Admirable Warburton and his loyal lieutenant swapped notes on their resignation letters.

They might have as apparently the ex-City trader’s right-hand man had also resigned at the same time as his boss!

The ex-Brentford supremo then liaised with the medical staff last Friday to ascertain if any of his charges had any injuries.

If only the Murray Park medics could have spotted the fact that they were talking to a man suffering from acute amnesia.

He was shaken out of this stupor when he received a personal call shortly after 9.00pm that Friday night.

It was only then that he recollected that he had resigned on the previous Monday and that the Sevco High Command had reluctantly accepted his resignation.

Dear reader, if you believe any of the preceding, then I fear for you.

It is a narrative that even the stenographers in Glasgow are struggling to remain loyal to.

For the avoidance of doubt, my information is that the attitudes of the Sevco three have hardened since the initial shock on Friday evening when they learned of their resignations.

I understand that scout Frank McParland was especially robust in defending his record during his time at the Engine Room Subsidiary in the weeks before he was, erm, resigned…

Indeed he pointed out to the Sevco High Command that it was they who had broken promises to him.

The resources that he had been told would be at his disposal were simply not made available when he took up his post.

Developing story…

Regular visitors here will know that I have been reporting on the difficulties that the Admirable Warburton has been experiencing with several members of the Sevco High Command.

Moreover, I have stated that the money was simply not available to pay him and his back room staff to Do Walking Away.

Like many stories, it is often a case following the money.

If you start from the belief that there simply wasn’t the liquidity to fund a payoff, then the crazy events of last week become explicable.

I am reliably informed that this situation is likely to now journey in the direction of an employment tribunal.

Given the timescales of such matters it another contingent liability that will have to be included in the next set of accounts of the Holding Company Vehicle.

Developing story…



This time five years ago the party was over for the original Rangers.

HMRC was in the Court of Session against Rangers (1872).

What I had said would happen duly happened.

Once Hector called time on the tax evading club then the only variable was the precise time of death.

If you have been with me since then dear reader then you will know that throughout the saga that you have been very well informed.

It has been quite a journey!

Moreover, if you wish you can use the search function on the right-hand side of the page and find the appropriate month and year.

You can scroll back to the busy months of 2011 you will see how well briefed my readers were about the unfolding situation at Ibrox.

During that same period, the local media in Glasgow were soothing The People that all was well because there was a Billionaire Bear in charge of their beloved club.

Of course, dear reader that was back in the day before the “Holding Company Vehicle” and the “Engine Room Subsidiary”.

Then it was just Rangers Football Club.

It was a simpler time dear reader.

A simpler time…

I was convinced at the start of 2011,  that the story which I was covering was bigger than a terminally ill football club.

I was convinced that something historical was happening and it had to be accurately recorded.

I was also aware that the local “we were told to call him a billionaire” media were not up to the task.

However, I felt that the Rangers story was too important for me to Do Walking Away.

The same fidelity to veracity I had apropos Rangers (1872) should also be extant in my reporting on Sevco.

In the end, someone had to do it, and that person appears to be your humble correspondent.

At time of writing Sevco is a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

Moreover, since last week they have acquired another contingent liability that they cannot pay.

Meanwhile, should General Ashley win a total victory next month, then the Sevco High Command might have to find a figure in the region of £5m plus costs.

Perhaps their only hope is that, like the Admirable Warburton, he is struck down with amnesia and forgets to turn up to court.

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