A sad story of dignified disharmony among brethern

I was contacted by an Ibrox insider on Saturday evening.

He only does so when it is safe for him to do so.

I was happy to hear from him as he had some interesting news for me.

He told me that my most recent offering had been discussed at length by the Sevco High Command.

I was interested to hear that this dignified discussion had then created a free and fair exchange of views between a senior personage in the Ibrox bunker and a chap in the City Chambers.

What was discussed was not the veracity of my story, but rather who had leaked the information to me.

I’m sorry to report to you dear reader that there were accusations and counter accusations that could not be described as brotherly.

Indeed there was an ambience of disharmony where before all had been just, perfect and regular.

The City Chambers person initiated the accusations believing that his Ibrox chums had involuntarily propelled him beneath the wheels of a road going public conveyance.

In response, the Quintessentially British person in the Sevco High Command parried this hurtful thrust and countered by saying that the Council chap was clearly the true leak!

The Sevco chap’s deductive reasoning was that City Chambers guy had to be my source as the piece was “too precise.”

There was even a question put to this overworked public servant from the man in the High Command along the lines of:

“Are you trying to force our hand here”?

For the avoidance of doubt dear reader, if the Sevco press office wants to get in touch with me I can answer that one for them.

After all, they have a set of very detailed questions from me that I submitted to them last week before I published the story.

I would have been grateful to have had their response.

Then again, they never do get back to me.

Perhaps it is an IT issue, and their dignified fire and brimstone wall doesn’t allow any discourse with a Fenian in Donegal.

It would be nice if they could get that fixed.

In the meantime, your humble correspondent will carry on about their carry on.

Although, I get an inkling that they would prefer it if I desisted.


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