The moral hazard of Sevco

There has been some interesting chatter in the upper echelons of Planet Fitba this week.

I understand that the Sevco High Command has utilised a trusted intermediary to communicate some sensitive information to the chaps on the 6th floor of Hampden.

For the avoidance of doubt, this message was not to report that the Holding Company Vehicle was in rude financial health.

Quite the opposite.

Although they may formally deny it, the chaps at Hampden are almost certainly very well briefed on the dire state of Sevco’s current finances.

Perhaps this is not unconnected to the recent  statements by  Aberdeen and Hearts about the importance of adhering to UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations.

Both of these clubs dropped points today.

With the former being defeated by the Engine Room Subsidiary at Ibrox.

I do not think the people in leadership positions at these clubs will look kindly  at a situation where they are denied a European slot by a club or company that does not play fair.

I do find myself sympathising with the chaps at Hampden on this one.

The others clubs make an unassailable point about  the sporting disadvantages of adhering to the rules while Sevco  is ruinously  overstretched.

Mr Regan must feel like he is between a rock and a basket case.

Developing story…






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