Squirrels and white flags

So there were no squirrels spotted at the AGM.

Today was the day for those little arboreal distractions if they were available.


There was a meeting of the Sevco High Command yesterday, and the AGM script was crafted to a very high Level.

It would appear that everyone kept on message today in a Churchillian way.

They’re in court at the end of next week against Big Mike.

Moreover, the Sevco High Command have been told by a learned brother that Ashley’s legal case is very strong.

I am told that if Big Mike’s legal counsel brings their A game to the court, then it will be another demolition derby.

Interestingly, I just learned that a  dignified intermediary reached out to Ashley only very recently.

My source said that the tone from Sevco was “pleading”.

However, the only terms on offer from General Ashley was unconditional surrender and public notification of same.

The Sevco High Command wanted the capitulation to be a submission behind closed doors with a mutually acceptable statement issued.

However, General Ashley wants the chaps in the Blue Room to be publicly humiliated in a way that even The People will be able to discern.

It is vitally important for Ashley that the reputations of King et al are destroyed in the eyes of the fans.


If that happens, then the even the most evidence-resistant Bear will not be able to wrap themselves in the dignified denial blanket.

The Sevco High Command wanted to be able to present that agreed statement to the shareholders at the AGM today.

Had Ashley been amenable it would have been a brilliant result for the Blue Room chaps.

However, General Ashley remains on a war footing and therefore there was no sign today at the AGM of Sciurus carolinensis sevconius.

Anyone who thinks that Sevco is an investment opportunity is the same thing that those little guys collect in the summer.


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