Having it both ways and the pain of pretending

My son reminded me today of a couple of questions he posed to me about a decade ago.

Ten years or so ago he asked me which I would prefer:

  • Rangers dying?
  • The Ibrox outfit being perennial mid-table strugglers forever looking up at Celtic?

He stated to me  today that “looks like you got both dad!” smart lad in my Cathal.

When I thought of his words the truth of them really, hit home.

Here are some uncomfortable facts:

  • For the next SIX years, the Holding Company Vehicle will have very little retail income.
  • Celtic have in place a top class manager who is fully funded to dominate the domestic scene in Scotland.
  • The physical infrastructures of the Ibrox club is creakingly unsustainable.
  • The Sevco squad is hopelessly outgunned by Celtic.
  • There is no transfer fund for the Admirable Warburton to go head-to-head with Brendan Rodgers.

It is undeniable that the People now inhabit a dystopian landscape where their sense of entitlement just increases their collective pain.

The best they can hope for is to be the RCD Espanyol of Glasgow.

All analogies ultimately fail, but this one will do for the moment.

Think of soccer in Catalunya and the lads of the Camp Nou are the only image that springs to mind.

They are an iconic club that people across the world love.

They also are in a unipolar position within their own backyard.

Scottish football is now in an era of unipolarity and has been since the death of old Rangers in 2012.

Now that Sevco is in the top flight for the first time we can see the reality of the new dispensation.

Of course, by pretending that the Engine Room Subsidiary is Rangers (1872) then The People and the stenographers are only making it worse for themselves.

And funnier for the rest of us…

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