Attempting a Suitable Accommodation 

There was a meeting of the Sevco High Command on Wednesday of this week.

All of the usual dignitaries there were except for two important exceptions.

Mr David Cunningham King, who usually attends via conference call these days, was not on the line.

Also absent was Mr Stewart Robertson.

I do hope the latter gentleman is doing well these days.

He has been through rather a lot recently.

In the absence of these two gentlemen, the chaps pushed on with a busy agenda.

High on the list of business was where the four-year-old institution would play their matches.

Apparently, the High Command has been in touch with Scottish Football Association, and a rent for Hampden has been discussed.

My information is that the dignified gents in the Blue Room believe that £400-£500k per annum would be a fair rent for the national stadium.

However, the chaps in Mount Florida believe that, on the contrary, £150k per month would be nearer the mark.

Now, dear reader, I am at a loss as to why the High Command would wish to vacate such a world class stadium.

I’m sure that Ibrox is perfectly fit for purpose with no major structural issues.

The conclave then progressed onto other matters.

At one point in the proceedings, the Admirable Warburton was questioned over the “bloated” nature of his squad.

I think this is unfair, as the highest earner at the Holding Company Vehicle was not sanctioned by the likable ex-Brentford supremo.

It seemed to be the consensus that some players would need to be shipped out in January to address the financial situation.

To this end, I would not be surprised if the Engine Room Subsidiary sought some expert assistance in the high-powered world of player sales.

My shout would be for Mr Gordon Smith to come in to assist with this delicate situation.

You never know, his name might even already have been raised within the Blue Room apropos this important matter.

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