PR pish and unpaid bills

Oh dear, I think it was a tense day at Sevco Towers.

Here we can see the Churchillian dignity that dwells behind the scenes of their top class PR operation.

Note to student journalists:

If you find yourself in a presser asking about a subject that the PR doesn’t want you to go near then, you’ve stumbled across the only questions worth asking!

I’m told that this rather magnificent mammal was on site today to, in part, deal with the leaks in the Engine Room Subsidiary.

Best of luck with that buddy.

Of course, just as a journalist should never become the story then a truly effective PR should remain in the shadows.

When I viewed this I did feel for the Admirable Warburton.

He’s an innocent abroad in the midst of  this shambles.

I’m told that Mr Stewart Robertson wasn’t around the Holding Company Vehicle today.

Perhaps he’s on a little holiday.

He certainly needs it.

Clearly when a consummate professional like Mr Traynor reacts like that in a presser, then there might be some external reason for it.

Perhaps Hector is to blame for this slight loss of his usual Zen-like poise…

Sources close to the action inform me that a rather strict missive has recently arrived at the Holding Company Vehicle regarding some outstanding matters.

Of course, if some bad news is about to break then it is always a good idea to get your deflection in first.

What we see here are the deflector shields being raised up to an emergency Level.

Perhaps, the objective of this…cough…’investigation’ was to somehow connect the tax affairs of several private individuals to Celtic Football Club.

This appears to me to be an attempt to present this non-story as, somehow, the equivalent of the Rangers EBT scandal.

Of course, it’s all fairly transparent stuff, but it will please The People, so job done.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if this PR generated pish today has some swift back blast for the Daily Radar, especially in their commercial department.

That could become a developing story.

Back in the real world, the Holding Company Vehicle will require external finance in November.

Just as well Mr David Cunningham King is a man of such vast personal wealth and deep love for the four-year-old institution.

Otherwise, they might be fucked.

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