The Monday club

I have just received an update on the Sevco conclave that took place yesterday afternoon.

This was after Mr Joey had been on the premises with his representative.

There had been a meeting planned late last week, but as reported here, it didn’t go ahead, because of mass non-attendance.

As opposed to attendance at mass.

I understand that when the High Command convened the Admirable Warburton was, to say the least, surprised at the decision to suspend the wayward midfielder.

For the ex-City trader the decision was simple:

Either accept Barton’s apology or terminate his contract for gross misconduct.

Of course, the three-week suspension does neither.

However, I am told that Mr David Cunningham King, communicating via screen link from south of the Limpopo,  reminded the Admirable Warburton that he should pay heed to his own performance.

The retort from the Englishman was that had he been given the players he had requested then the four-year-old club might be in a better situation.

He underlined this by saying that Mr Joey was not on his list.

I understand that one director then asked who made the decision to acquire the services of the French-speaking playmaker.

Apparently, the several pairs of dignified eyes travelled in the direction of an immaculately coiffed chap and a convicted criminal.

After the Admirable Warburton left the room the top item on the agenda was cash, or rather the distinct lack of it.

There were no major developments to report on this matter.

The situation with Puma was discussed and, apparently, the German giant wishes to have a full apology from the Holding Company Vehicle and all logos re-instated around the stadium etc.

I am told that usually Mr Paul Murray sits where he can clearly see his Chairman on screen.

However, yesterday the place settings did not allow for the pro-bono director to gaze into the pixelated eyes of his sire.

The South African based entrepreneur then raised the scoop from the John James site that Mr Murray had been in the company of Brian Kennedy.

The answer from the magnificently groomed functionary was that, yes the meeting did take place.

He then explained that he had to explore all avenues of investment, but that it had been misrepresented on the John James site.

There was also some correspondence from Planet Ashley.

The content of the missive was to remind the Sevco High Command that Rangers Retail Limited was registered in England.

Consequently, any future legal action, should it occur will take place in London and not Edinburgh.

I think General  Ashley was just being nice in reminding the Blue Room chaps about this matter.

At times like this, I really cannot imagine how Stewart Robertson faces each day in his place of work.

As ever , dear reader I am happy to bring you these communiqués on the machinations of Sevco.

I think that it is value added because the alternative is the mainstream, which operates on an entirely different Level when matters Ibrox are involved.

The coverage here is guaranteed to be free of contaminated lamb or any harmful PR additives.

I can do this work only with your support and for that, I’m very grateful.

Míle buíochas.

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